ISBN-13: 9780778328483
Publisher: Mira
Published: August 2010
409 pgs
Source: Personal Library
House of Rohan Series #1

It has been awhile since I have read a historical romance; thus I chose Anne Stuart's Ruthless as she is one of my favourite historical romance authors. Anne Stuart also writes contemporary romance and in my opinion no other author writes bad and sexy heroes quite like the way she is.

Being the eldest daughter in the family, Elinor Harriman feels she has the responsibility to oversee the welfare of her younger sister, Lydia, and mother after the death of their father. Their father had left nothing for them and besides worrying over their poverty state Elinor has to make sure that their mother didn't gamble away all their assets despite her sickly condition. Alas, their mother is one selfish and stubborn woman and the next thing Elinor knew, she has lost all their funds. Elinor goes after her to the Heavenly Host, a secret society where exiled aristocrats gather to indulge their carnal desires.

Viscount Rohan is the host of the Heavenly Host and he is known to be a mysterious, dark and a ruthless man who always has things done his way. He has met countless women but never one quite like Elinor. Thus when Elinor stomped into his lair demanding for her mother, he couldn’t help but to take notice of her despite that she is outspoken and fiery. On the other end, Elinor refuses to be swayed or attracted by his charms, but would she change her mind after discovering that he isn’t the man whom everyone thinks to be?

What can I say? Anne Stuart has written another winner in Ruthless. She has once again captivated her readers (at least with this reader) with a romantic tale and a dark, alpha male hero to match, in which I think has become her signature. What I liked about this story is beside the intensity between the hero and the heroine, there is also a secondary romance between Elinor’s sister, Lydia and Charles Reading, who is Viscount Rohan’s best friend and right-hand man. While the plot is not new, what I liked are the characterisations, the dialogues and also the juxtaposition of the rich and poor, as well as the depraved and the innocent set in Paris during the mid 18th century.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a secondary romance of Lydia and Charles but because their story is so brief, I wanted to read more of their story but I was disappointed to learn from Anne Stuart (I wrote an email to her) that there won’t be a book featuring this couple since she felt that she has more or less covered their story in Ruthless. I definitely hope that she would change her mind and decide to write their story in the near future. Meanwhile, I look forward to reading her second House of Rohan series, Reckless.

I just settled down in my new office today (we moved last Friday). My workstation is organised (well at least the most of it) but I still have about six boxes which haven’t unpacked but at least they are to be kept into the store. I’m currently munching on green peas and crackers and drinking a cup of hot green tea as I’m typing this; it is raining cats and dogs outside and I wish I’m at home snuggling under a blanket with a book in hand. Onto a brighter note, I will be watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with my husband this evening. I can’t wait!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Violet Says:

    Again, I haven't read anything by Anne Stuart but I intend to. Needless to say this is definitely going on my 'check in the library' list.

  2. Willa Says:

    I haven't read anything by Anne Stuart either - but I am tempted now! :-)

  3. The Bookworm Says:

    This sounds good, glad you liked it.
    Good for you on getting settled in at work.
    And enjoy the movie with hubby tonite!

  4. Melody Says:

    Violet & Willa - I hope you'll check out Anne Stuart's books soon! They're wonderful IMO! :D

    Naida - We really enjoyed the movie and can't wait for Part 2! :)

  5. Julia Says:

    I'm glad you enjoy RUTHLESS as much as I did. Of course we love Anne Stuart's books, so anything we read by Stuart is never disappointed in our opinion *grin*. Looking forward to hear your thought on book 2 :)

    I hope you adjust to your new office! :)

  6. Andreea Says:

    Never heard of this author, but I am glad you liked this book.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I love dark, alpha male heroes and historical romances. I'm adding this to my wish list.

  8. Alice Says:

    I hope you've enjoyed the movie, Melody! I also hope to read this next year.

  9. Iliana Says:

    Glad to hear you are finally in your office and hope you settle in nicely!

    I've not read anything by this author and am not that big a fan of romances but I don't know sometimes you just want something frothy and fun. This sounds like it'd be perfect fun.

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