My reading didn’t start off as a bang this year, and I have to attribute that to my shortened journey to and from work ever since I had moved office. If you are a follower of this blog, you’d know I spend most of my reading time while I’m on commute. Besides the time saving issue, it is also good to find the time whip by quickly no matter how long the journey is, thus my 1-hour single trip always seems like a blink of an eye to me (unless I am in a rush.)

Anyway, I was saying that I only read three books thus far since the beginning of the year. In the past, the average number of books I read is one (sometimes two) book per week, but now it takes me about two weeks to complete a book. I don’t think it is a reading slump, just that I need more time to really sit down and read (I should probably cut down on the time I spend on the internet and also finding the time to read during my office lunch hour. I think the latter is tricky considering I need to find a balance between my reading and socialising with my coworkers. After all, lunch hour is the only time when we can really sit down and chit chat besides talking about office work, that is).

So as I said, the three books I read have been good. They are compelling, thought-provoking and one of them offers me great escapism through its beautiful story and not to mention the beautiful prose of the author. The Man from Saigon, the fourth book which I’m holding now is one of those books that attract me the moment I read its blurb when I picked it up from the library; I remember myself getting intrigued with the book because it has the Vietnam War setting and it reminds me a little of The Lotus Eaters. Unfortunately, I have to mark The Man from Saigon as a DNF book although I think it has a great premise about a female correspondent being held prisoner by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. I tried giving it a second chance by reading a few more chapters, but regrettably it didn’t engage me as much as I felt there is a lack of emotional depth of the characters. I felt as if the emotions of Susan (the female correspondent) were being told to me by another third party as most of them are portrayed through her thoughts. There is nothing wrong with this and I understand each author has his/her writing style, however it doesn’t work well for me so that explains the DNF. That said, author Marti Liembach has written this book in a detailed manner and many readers had claimed they enjoyed this book the last time I checked on Amazon.

So do you have any book that marked as a DNF so far this year? What makes you marked a book as a DNF? Do share your thoughts with me as I'd love to hear them.

Last but not least, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I can’t wait for next week!
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  1. Violet Says:

    I'm sorry your reading time has been cut short. I hope you find a new routine to fit in more reading time.

    The Man from Saigon did sound like a great book, sorry it didn't work for you. I've had a couple of DNF's this year already and they have been romance novels :)

  2. Julia Says:

    I'm sorry the book didn't work for you. I was hoping to hear good review on the book :) I did had few DNF's books. I just can't remember the titles of the books. But I'm sure it was historical books and the first person POV books from contemporary romance.

    I hope you be able to find a place and the times to read your books. I'm sorry the short ride to the bus has shorten your reading time. :)

  3. Ana S. Says:

    No DNFs yet, but I guess it's a matter of time. I'm sorry to hear your reading time has been reduced! I'm going to start an internship next week, and with that in addition to grad school I know I'll be reading a lot less.

  4. I can totally relate to what you're saying, Melody. I just finished my second book of the year, but just barely. And I fear with taking on Ulysses next month I won't get any other books finished. Audiobooks have been a big help (have finished 2.5!), but I can't seem to review them--not that I've reviewed the others either. I read during my lunch hour and so I have to give up socializing. Sucks but it's my only ME time.

    I rarely find a book that will go down as DNF. Sometimes I'll put a book down for another time, though. I've only written one post on a DNF book, but only because I'd read enough of it (2/3) to feel I could give it a fair "review".

    Hope things pick up for you--I know the frustration!

  5. The Bookworm Says:

    I know what you mean Mel, it can be hard to find time to read.
    The same thing happens to me during my work lunch hour, I tend to socialize instead of read.
    Too bad about The Man from Saigon. The premise does sound interesting.
    I don't have any DNF this year yet. Sometimes if I come across a book like that, I put it away for a later date and finish it then.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Joann Says:

    I have signed up for some great Challenges this year, and I thought I would have had more done by now, but I have other things to do. Yes I have had one DNF so far, and I was disappointed because this book had gotten real good write ups last year. I wish you luck and hope you find a book that "grabs"you!

  7. Ceri Says:

    I'm exactly like you - the majority of my reading time is done on my commute to and from work. (In fact, it makes it all the more enjoyable that I have to travel to work - I feel like work brings me reading time. :D )

    I haven't had any DNFs so far this year. Last year I couldn't finish Eat, Pray, Love. I really wanted to love that book but I honestly couldn't bring myself to do it. :S I think you just know when you can't complete it.

  8. Alice Says:

    I can understand, Melody. I not only read less these days, I also blog a lot lesser. I've had a few DNFs too.

  9. Beth F Says:

    I hope that you'll find a way to increase your reading time again soon. No DNFs yet, but I'll have some by the end of the year.

  10. Iliana Says:

    It is so hard to find the balance between everything isn't it? I hope you'll be able to fit in more reading in your week Melody.

    I have had one DNF book this year and it was mainly that I didn't care for the style. I don't really like stream of consciousness type books. I have to be really in the mood to read something like that otherwise it just seems like a chore. Hope you don't have many more DNFs :)

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