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Yesterday, April 15th, was Tax Day here in the U.S., which means lots of lucky people will get refunds of over-paid taxes.

Whether you’re one of them or not, what would you spend an unexpected windfall on? Say … $50? How about $500?

(And, this is a reading meme, so by rights the answer should be book-related, but hey, feel free to go wild and splurge on anything you like.)

I know a few people around me spend some of their money on lottery and other stuff like that, call me a practical person but I hardly buy lottery tickets since I don't have much luck when this is concerned. However, I did win a few books on several occasions so I think my luck isn't that bad.

Anyway, if I have an extra of $50, I would most likely spend them on books. However, I will still spend it on books if I have $500, but I will set aside some money for buying books and clothings for my daughters, and give everyone in the family a treat at a nice restaurant. Oh, wait a minute, I think I need another bookshelf for my new stack of books so hopefully I will have enough to cover that as well.

What about you? How would you spend your $500?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm thinking there are several chess books I've had on my wishlists forever that I could buy. My youngest daughter likes to play chess, so I've been waiting for them at BookMooch, but no one will give their's up!

  2. Julia Says:

    Me too, I need another bookshelf for my bedroom *grin*. And who can't live without books? I know I can't LOL

    Happy BTT to you :)

  3. Dot Says:

    Buying new bookshelves is always a good idea, also gives you an excuse to buy more books!

  4. Melody Says:

    Koolaidmom - I agree it takes time and patience to get the books we want from BookMooch! ;)

    Julia - I don't think we'll ever stop buying books, eh? ;P

    Dot - That's it! The more the merrier, haha. But then again, we also need more space to put those shelves! :P

  5. Booklovers always want books and more books!

    let the windfall fall on my head

  6. Beth F Says:

    Oh yeah, can't forget the bookshelves!

  7. Melissa O. Says:

    Great question. This year our refund went into savings, with my job situation becoming uncertain (though now things are looking good) but if I had an extra $50 it would all go towards books. If I had an extra $500 I'd still spend some on books, some on movies, and the rest would probably go towards stuff for the house and maybe a night out to dinner.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Usually if I am going to spent extra money it would be on my family too. Happy BTT!

  9. Jess Says:

    Great ideas. I especially like the idea of a nice family dinner.

  10. Jo Says:

    I also said bookshelves! And the books on my wishlist :) Money would be awesome right about now!

  11. Melissa Says:

    I could use another bookshelf too!

  12. Library Diva Says:

    I love the look of your page! I didn't buy anything book-related, but you can read my answer over at my blog:

  13. bookcases are always a great investment and a nice dinner out for the family sounds great too! :-)

  14. Ana S. Says:

    As much as part of me wants to say BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, I'd probably use the money to travel, to go somewhere I've always wanted to. The problem would be to decide where.

  15. Frances Says:

    It would be easy to spend the whole amount on books but shelving is such a temptation also. To have all the books organized, looking lovely, and easy to find is a dream.

  16. Melody Says:

    Gautami - Yes, we can never get enough of books! ;)

    Beth - Now that I think of it, bookshelves is a must if I've those extra money, LOL.

    Melissa - Yours sounds great! I suppose most of us are more careful with our spending nowadays with the current situation. Hopefully the economy will get better soon!

    Charli - Yes! We all love our family. :)

    Jess - We don't dine out very often so eating out at a nice restaurant sounds very appealing to me! ;)

    Jo - Books and bookshelves always go hand in hand together, hehe.

    Melissa - I hear you about the bookshelves! :P

    Library Diva - Thanks! I'll check out your answer in a moment. :)

    Bluestocking - The more the merrier, when the bookshelves are concerned. ;)

    Marie - Oh yes! Booksheves are definitely a good investment to me. They never run out of style no matter how old they are. :)

    Nymeth - Travel! How could I missed that?! Oh yes, I'd love for a travel too.

    Frances - You know, I wish I've my own library. But space is a problem here, LOL.

  17. Julia Says:

    Melody - Nope, we'll never stop buying books. It just run in our gene LOL

  18. Blodeuedd Says:

    Sounds like great idea :D
    I would save my money...oh and I did get money so, bank with them

  19. Debi Says:

    Couldn't help but smile over the bookcase! That all sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend $500, Melody!

  20. The Bookworm Says:

    Sounds like you would spend you rmoney nicely :O)

    I've never purchased a lottery ticket myself. I'd much rather buy items my kids might need or books for myself :)
    And if I had a large sum of cash, I'd buy something for my home.

  21. Jo Says:

    By the way, you have an award over on my blog:

  22. Melody Says:

    Julia - I'm with you there, LOL.

    Blodeuedd - Oh yes! It's always good to bank in some savings, no matter how small or big the sum is. :)

    Debi - I'm always in need of bookcases! :P

    Naida - I'd rather spend my money on something useful and practical than "wasting" them on lottery tickets that couldn't guarantee a winning. And I love putting a smile on my family's face so it's all very worthwhile! :)

    Jo - Thank you so much! You're so sweet and kind to me. :)

  23. Alice Says:

    I'm with Julia! :D

    And I would definitely do what you plan to do with $500. :D

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