I had posted several pictures on the architecture in Berlin in the past, so this week I thought I will post a picture of their transportation.
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  1. JessicaLeigh Says:

    Cute! That would be so fun to ride in. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Jessica - It's cute, isn't it? ;)

  3. Josette Says:

    How does it work? Must the driver pedal like on a bicycle? Looks really cool and unique! If I were to ride that around here, I'll definitely be the centre of attention and literally stop traffic. :D

  4. How cool! I would like to ride in one of those. :-)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome!!! very trendy...I would love to see hundreds of them running around.

  6. Julia Says:

    That is a weird but cool transportation. Like Josette had said, I think that would draw attention and stop traffic too LOL

    Great picture sharing!

  7. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I'm not sure what power this thing, but it looks environmentally friendly! I need to get me one of those!

  8. Beth F Says:

    I saw these in Belgium too! Very funny.

  9. Alice Says:

    Very cute automobile, Melody!

  10. oh my!!! I always get nervous when I see the SmartCars driving next to me on the highway (I'm also in a small car, but that is tiny). I'm guessing this one doesn't go on the highway! :)

  11. Ana S. Says:

    lol, that's just awesome.

  12. Darlene Says:

    Oh my, how cute is that. lol-I could just picture myself trying to get around in that.

  13. Debi Says:

    Oooh...I want one of those!

  14. Melody Says:

    Hi, everyone! Don't you think this vehicle is cool and cute?! LOL. I'd love to ride it if given a chance, but definitely not on a highway! Too dangerous, I think! :p

    Josette - I checked with my husband (since he's the one who took this pic) and he said all it takes is the driver to pedal to move, just like a bicycle. ;)

  15. Ladytink_534 Says:

    Lol, it's so cute! It looks like a toy my brother had as a kid.

  16. Melody Says:

    Jen - It does look like a toy in some ways, LOL.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome :)

  18. Melody Says:

    Rhinoa - :)

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