Anderson Bridge, Singapore
March 10th, 2006

The building behind Anderson Bridge is The Fullerton Hotel.

The Fullerton Hotel
(It was originally known as The Fullerton Building, and also as the General Post Office Building)
6 Responses
  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    Beautiful! I want to stay there!

  2. Violet Says:

    Is this the bridge that links to the Casino building? I think I saw it from the flier but I'm not sure.

    It looks pretty though..

  3. Melody Says:

    Sandy - Me too!!

    Violet - I think the bridge which links to the casino building is called The Helix Bridge. I heard it's beautiful, but I have not been there yet.

  4. Alice Says:

    Nice pictures, Melody!

  5. Such a beautiful Hotel! I'd love to stay there. The bridge is nice too--such great shots, Melody.

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