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Books take us on journeys, flitting us off to other times, people, and places. From ancient caves to medieval castles to modern skyscrapers; from delicate geishas to turn of the century immigrants to future captains of spaceships; books are our path to other worlds. But what about the journey we give our books? What path do books take through our hands?

How do you choose what to read? Is it random or planned? Based on your mood, challenges, titles, covers, topic?

What process do you use for reading? Do you take notes while reading? Annotate your books? Just read?

What happens when you are done reading? Do you wait to review or write immediately? Do you revisit and revise before posting?

What other tasks do you go through after reading a book? Is your blog the only place you post a review? Do you keep lists of readings? Catalog genre, page numbers, gender of authors, etc.?

What happens to the book when you are done with it? Does it end up in your home
library? Go back to a public library? BookMooch?

Overall, if you had to give someone a "How To" list for your dealings with any particular book, what would it look like?
I don't have any specific rules when it comes to my reading. Anyone who knows me well will know I'm a moody reader (i.e. the books I chose have a lot to do with my mood at that moment). In the past, I buy and read books based on my own preference, but thanks to blogging and the wonderful bookblogging community, nowadays most of the books I bought come from fellow bookbloggers' recommendations. Some of them might be new-to-me authors or even out of my reading comfort zone but I am glad their reviews have brought my attention to these books.

When reading books, I rarely take notes unless I came across some wonderful or unforgettable quotes which I would love to share with my readers during my reviews. I used to draft my reviews while I read along, but nowadays I just write after reading the books but I will revisit and revise before posting.

I don't have a list of books I have done reading, so this blog is everything to me. Besides posting my reviews here, I do post them on Goodreads too. And after I am done with the reviews, I will set the books on to my 'read' pile (when the pile gets too high, they will be packed into boxes). However, I do not keep all the books I read. For books which I am not interested in re-reading or keeping, I will either add them to my BookMooch inventory, host giveaways or donate them to some organizations. Speaking of this, Lisa of Online Publicist is hosting The Dewey Tree Donation Project, an event in honour of Dewey (Hidden Side of a Leaf) who passed away this time last year.

Are you interested? Here's what you do:
  • Gather up the books you can live without. It can be 4 books, 10 books, or 20 books!
  • Find a worthy group you would like to donate your overflow books to. It can be your local library, a literacy campaign, or overseas. There's a great list of book donation sites here on the ALA. Find a charity that speaks to you!
  • Then take a picture of your donation and email it to Lisa (onlinepublicist [AT] gmail [DOT] com). It can be a picture of the mailing label on your package, one of your kids giving a box of books to a librarian, or you handing books over to your literacy center. Be creative and have fun!
    Lisa will accept pictures until January 4th 2010, and three lucky winners will receive custom made totes from Lisa!

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    8 Responses
    1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

      I think the idea of The Dewey Tree is fabulous. May the spirit of that great lady live on!

    2. Ladytink_534 Says:

      Such a good cause honoring such a great blogger :)

    3. Veens Says:

      Lovely Post! This idea is fabulous!

    4. Lisa Roe Says:

      Thanks so much for the support, Melody! I can't wait to make those tote bags! :-)

    5. Melody Says:

      Sandy, Jen & Veens - I love the idea too!

      Lisa - I love your tote bags. They're lovely! :)

    6. Alice Says:

      That idea is fabulous! Kudos to Lisa for hosting this project!

    7. Melody Says:

      Alice - It sure is!

    8. Julia Says:

      Good luck with your project, it sound like fun. And I'm sure Dewey would have been proud of how everyone is participating on this donation :)

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