This week's questions are about making a list.

Do you have a book wish list for the holidays? (Or is that one of those 'duh' questions?) If so, what's on it?

Are you very specific when someone asks what you want for a gift? Or do you throw caution to the wind and say, "Oh any book you choose...." Or do you prefer a bookstore gift card?

Do you buy books for people on your gift list? Do you choose books for them that you like and try to influence their reading (or hope they'll loan it to you when they're done)? Or do you get specific titles from your giftee?

Where do you buy your book gifts? Do you shop at local independent bookstores, or the "big box" stores? or do you shop online?

I keep a wishlist for the books I want to buy, so I will just refer to it on any occasions. Some of them are books which I am coveting, but most of them are recommendations from fellow bookbloggers.

I don't really tell or drop hints to my family or friends what I want for a gift, unless they ask (persistently). Well, I rarely receive books as gifts from my family or close friends, but that's because they knew I have many books and they are afraid of getting duplicates, and also they knew I would prefer to buy my own books anyway. Honestly, I'm glad to receive anything, be it books or a gift card.

I love getting books for anyone, however I will try to get something else for a person if I know he/she is not into reading. That said, there are also occasions I bought some books (which are on most bookbloggers' favourite lists) for my not-so-booklover friends, as I hope such attempts will help to change their minds on books and reading (not all I had succeeded, but at least I made an effort).

I don't have any specific bookstore to shop, but I do love browsing at bookstores.

What about you?
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9 Responses
  1. I keep a wish list too, Melody. I hardly share it with anyone though. I think only my husband has access to it (and my Secret Santa). My husband is really the only one I may mention a title I want to--no one else really seems to want to buy me actual books.

    I bought most of the people on my Christmas list books this year. The non-readers got other things.

  2. Debi Says:

    I buy almost everyone books, whether they want them or not. ;) No, seriously, I'm usually able to find a book for just about anyone. Of course, I'm very lucky...most of my friends and family are big readers anyway. :D

  3. I have a wishlist for books, too, but I usually just borrow them from the library. I'm a big fan of historical fiction and the classics. I don't drop hints when I buy presents because everyone I know already knows they'll be receiving a book, lol. By the way, I see that you're reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I read that a few months ago. It was my first experience reading anything by her and I found it intriguing. Jackson reminds me of O. Henry with her surprise endings. I hope you enjoy it, too.

  4. Melody Says:

    Wendy - My husband is not interested in my wishlist. He said I can get books for myself, which is so true, LOL.

    Debi - I'm sure there's a book for anyone, it's just a matter if that person is into reading or not. ;P

    Nomen - Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    I'd love to borrow books from the libraries but I didn't go there for ages, due to time constraint (and 3 weeks on loan is not enough for me, hehe).

    I love Shirley Jackson's books. I've only read two books by her so far, the other one is The Haunting of Hill House which I loved!

  5. Alice Says:

    I keep a wish list too, well, actually two. One for fiction and one for non-fiction. I love browsing at the bookstores too although now I try not to do it so often due to my book buying ban.

  6. Melody Says:

    Alice - I can't wait to find out what you'll buy after you book buying ban is due, hehe.

  7. Julia Says:

    Like you, I kept a wishlist too. However I normally don't give it to anyone unless they ask, which is rarely. More often they sent me book gift cards, which I be happy with. Actually I be happy with getting both: books and gift cards.

    This year, lot of my friends are getting books or book gift cards. The none-readers get something else :)

  8. Melanie Says:

    I also try to ease non-readers into books by trying to find great titles on subjects i know they like!

  9. Melody Says:

    Julia - It's always best to get booklovers books or gift cards as gifts! :P

    Melanie - That's always the best way to start, isn't it? :)

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