Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You'd Like To Change About Your Country
  1. The weather. (I know, this is way off topic, but it just came into my mind) It's too hot and humid here. {Humming to oneself: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...}

  2. Have natural resources

  3. More media choices (be it newspapers publishers or TV stations)

  4. Educational system

  5. Tax

  6. Provide assistance to poorer families, especially healthcare

  7. Tighter scruntiny on charitable organizations (doners have a right to know where their money goes to)

  8. Working mothers to have more flexible working hours

  9. Employ women even though they are pregnant (most organizations don't even consider hiring them when they know the applicant is pregnant); some organizations even layoff employees who return from their maternity leave

  10. Raising prices almost everywhere except our salaries (haha!)
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  1. JHS Says:

    Great list, esp. as to the pg. women but that behavior is totally illegal and could be redressed.

    Check out my list! It will make you laugh.

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