Our next destination - Lantau Island in Hong Kong! By then, we had moved into a Shenzhen hotel. We took a KCR rail from Lo Wu where we transferred to Tsim Sha Tsui via the MTR where we reached the Central station. (And yes, we had to go through customs before departing from Lo Wu, and it was quite a long walk transferring from one station to another.)

We then took a ferry and finally reached Lantau Island.

Here are some pics we took in the ferry.

The major attraction - the Tian Tan Buddha (also known as the Big Buddha). The weather was cold and windy; we wanted to climb up those stairs leading to the Buddha but the in-laws were against the idea, especially my mother-in-law who has kneecap problems.

Look at this gigantic urn!

We decided to take the bus on our way back to Mui Wo (didn't know there is a bus service!) and we found this sign in the bus.

So the passenger isn't allowed to talk to the bus captain (road safety practice of course), but what if we want to ask for some directions eh?

So there we spent one day in Hong Kong. By the time we reached Central, it was already quite late and we haven't had our dinner yet. (We had to ask a bypasser where to find a place to eat. She kindly showed us the direction while she told us she works as a maid there. She is a Filipino.) We walked some more until we found a food outlet. By then, we were all famished! We ate quickly for we feared we couldn't catch the train back to Shenzhen.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Hey love your travelogues trip! It really sound exciting as your pics that you shown us here. I really enjoy it :)

    But thankgoodness - you home *grin*

  2. Melody Says:

    Although the trip was great, but nothing beats home! ;)

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