After Guangzhou and on the third day of our trip, we hired a rental car service and proceed to Shenzhen (We only spent one day trip in Shenzhen). The road journey took about 2 hours, and these are some pictures we took during the road trip.

Our daughter (going to be 3-year old in March) was thrilled to see the train for she has never been in it before. So when she saw this, she exclaimed excitedly, "Look! It's Thomas!" (Well, you see, she is sorta influenced by her nephew (who's 8 months older) since it is his favourite toy!

Look at these high-rise apartments! Can you guess how many floors they are?

Finally we reached our destination - Window of the World. Here in this theme park, you are able to see replicas of the famous scenic sites around the world. It was indeed an eye opener for us.

This is the entrance. Beautiful, isn't it?

We saw this once we stepped into the park. We were all awed by the creations.

Thailand. What a majestic palace!

Japan. You can actually find Mount Fuji here! (A pity that there isn't any snow...)

India. Wow! Just look at this! It's the Taj Mahal.

Australia. Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Holland. Wind Mills.

Egypt. The Great Sphinx of Giza.

United States of America. Golden Gate Bridge.
(As you can see, it was night time by the time we shot this picture! We spent 3/4 of the day in the park.)

Well, trust me there are a lot more pictures but I just couldn't post all here. And I also wish I could go to these famous attractions in reality! Hmm...maybe if I start to save some money now, hehe.
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I love the "mini" wonders!!! That seems like an interesting place to visit . . . . will keep that in mind if we ever go there, lol!!!

  2. Julia Says:

    Melody - those are wonderful pictures! Lovelooking at them all ----Thanks for sharing ---- and no, I wasn't bored at all :)

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