Whoa, this is a great fantasy novel! There are so much details in this book (a total of 576 pages for your info) that you feel you want to devour it! Take me some time to finish it, but trust me, you wouldn't want to skim any pages. I absolutely love Talyn and I hope Holly Lisle will write more fantasy stories like this!

For centuries, the Tonk Confederacy have fought against the Eastils, but that is about to change when the Feegash diplomats stepped in and asked for peace. Before the peace talks are held, the Eastils have sent one of their warriors Gair on a secret mission but he ends up as prisoner-of-war together with his two soldiers. As the Tonks and Eastils agree to the proposals by the Feegash, Gair and his two men are left forgotten in the dungeon.

Talyn is a soldier to the Tonk Confederacy. To her, fighting battles and defending for her nation is her life, and she can't imagine how it will be like if they are to stop the fightings. She manages to flee Gair and his men and put them at her house, with the assistance of her healer. She also meets the handsome Feegash diplomat Skirmig, and is quickly taken in by him. Skirmig offers to teach her Hagedwar, which is the magic of the Feegash and she learns quickly. She then moves in with Skirmig, under his magical influence although she doesn't really like their ways of treating women and children (i.e. treating them as pleasure or sex slaves by torturing them), but whenever she gazes deep into Skirmig's eyes as he whispers lovey words to her, she will brush the horrific thoughts away. Soon she is lost with his mind controlling powers and becomes his slave.

Gair, on the other hand have been having bad dreams about Talyn as he is recuperating. He feels she is in great danger, and he tells himself he has to live on if he wants to save her, as she has once saved him despite they are enemies. Soon, the Tonks and the Eastils came to realise they are under the threat of the Feegash's treacherous plan and these sworn enemies have to unite to save their nations from succumbing to the Feegashs' who have hideous magical control.

The story alternatively narrates between two POVs: first person Talyn and third person Gair. Still, it doesn't confuse me with this unusual style and I absolutely enjoyed this thought-provoking fantasy story where the characters must set their differences aside to save their respective people and nations. This book is definitely a keeper for me!
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    How many books do you have packed for your vacation???

  2. Melody Says:

    Surprise, surprise! I won't be bringing any books as I know WL will keep me occupied!!! LOL.

  3. Darla Says:

    Oooh, that's definitely going on my list. I've loved Holly Lisle's romantic suspense. I've got to start looking for more of her books.

  4. Melody Says:

    Darla, I haven't read her romance suspense...yet, but you can bet I'll definitely look out for them!!!

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