Well, after Lantau Island, we visited Hong Kong again the next day. This time, to The Peak and Disneyland! We came out from our hotel early in the morning because we knew we would take some time at the customs and the time traveling via the trains.

The Peak

So we took a cab from Central (to save all the hassling) and reached The Peak. This is the main entrance.

We took a tram and this is the breathtaking view when we reached the top of The Peak. However, it would be better if you could view it at night.

There are several souvenirs shops, boutiques, eateries at The Peak. There is even a Madame Tussauds but we didn't go in (We were running on a tight schedule that day!) We managed to shoot a few pics with the wax celebrity figures such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan outside the entrance though.


My daughter has been looking forward to this trip! (Or shall I say it is me?!) Whenever she sees the advertisement on TV, she will point her little fingers at the screen and shrieked, "Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse!" So knowing that we will travel to Hong Kong, of course we have to add this on our itinerary.

We took the MTR and stopped at Sunny Bay station where we transferred another train to the Disneyland.

We took this train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland.

The interior of the train. Very comfy seats (not those cold steel ones).

Finally we reached Disneyland! It was a perfect sunny day. A great day just for this outing.

I loved admiring at the window displays at those merchandise shops. Of course I felt tempted to buy some items.

A parade along the main street. There are also several performances in the theatres and we only managed to catch three of them. We didn't even finished touring all around Disneyland! (My advice: Go early in the morning!)

We waited for the fireworks, and it wasn't a disappointment. (We captured the fireworks on video so this is the best picture I could offer.)

So this is the end of our Hong Kong trip! A little hectic, but we did buy something we want (e.g. Hard Rock T-shirts, Mickey Mouse stuff toy & shirt for our daughter) so all of us were happy. The next day we went back to Guangzhou and did some last minute shopping, then it was home sweet home.
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3 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    My family and I was a big fan of Bruce Lee! Love some of the movies he have done in the past years. Even the comedy one. And his's son Brandon Lee, he was great looking LOL! Too bad he died :(

    I love Jackie Chan too, all the neat stunts he do. And he usually funnies :)

    Cute bout your daughter shrieked over Mickey Mouse ;) Always want to go to Disneyland but is there a chance to. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, I enjoy them all! :)

  2. Melody Says:

    I love Jackie Chan's movies too. He's a great action star and he's funny too.

    I can't comment about Bruce Lee (or Brandon Lee) since I have yet to watch their movies. (You must be thinking how could that be...but it's true.)

    I'm sure you will have a chance to visit Disneyland in future. :) And I'm glad you enjoyed viewing these pics. Thanks!

  3. Julia Says:

    I can't believe you never saw Bruce Lee movie! But then again I think it because it martial art karate thing, right? ;)

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