Everyone loves a haunted house story, and so do I. Have you ever wondered what makes a house haunted? Is it the spirit of the dead which occupies the house? Or does the house has a life of its own? Some time ago, I watched Ju-On (or known as 'The Grudge') where the story tells about a man who murders his wife, son and cat in the upstairs room of their suburban house. When the new owners occupies the house, they feel something isn't right - as if someone is living under the same roof with them. Sounds creepy huh?

In Monster House, every kids in the neighbourhood fear about 'that' house. They will scramble whenever they bypass the house but can't help wondering and fascinating with the mysterious Mr. Nebbercracker who is staying in it either, for he will yell and stare menaciously whoever that comes near his house or even touches his lawn.

D.J. and his best friend Chowder have always been intrigued with Mr. Nebbercracker and his house. When they see Jenny, a girl who's new to their neighbourhood and is selling cookies to their weird neighbour, they try to stop her. She thinks they are nuts, but later discovers they are telling the truth and they decide to investigate when no one seems to believe their stories.

Soon, they discover there is something more behind the house and that Mr. Nebbercracker isn't as scary as they think.

Well, I enjoyed this animation. And what most enjoyable thing is, the ending isn't what I expect it to be in the first place; and what is most intriguing to me is Mr. Nebbercracker himself, that I find this phrase 'Never judge a person by his looks' sounds oh so true.
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