Finally, we will be going for a vacation!!! Can you believe that our last trip was to New Zealand during our honeymoon in 2003?!

For this oncoming trip, we will be visiting Guangzhou, Shenzhen (these are two provinces of China) and Hong Kong (we are also planning to visit their disneyland). We are scheduled to depart on the evening of 10 Jan, and back home on 18 Jan midnight.

I will miss everyone and blogging, but I promise I will update after the trip!
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  1. Julia Says:

    Gosh - you are taking a trip to wonderful place, Melody! I'm jealous ;) Can't wait to hear all about it once you come back.

    I have no doubt that you will have great time, and that we will miss you, too :)

    Oh by the way - of course you'll miss your blogging....I know how adicted you're with it LOL

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hey girl . . . . . you are going to have such a WONDERFUL trip. Looking forward to all the pictures that the Hubs takes!!! (since I made him into the photo king he is, lol!!!).

    Will MISS you while your gone . . . . def. the e-mails!!!

    Save travels!!!

  3. Melody Says:

    Photo King! Gosh, he should be so flattered! LOL. And I think you took great pics too!!! Keep it up.

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