Ten on Tuesday

So I have classifed them in dialogues and in general, hehe.


1. “I’m late!!!” (If the alarm clock doesn’t go off)
2. “Can you stay late today?” (Uh oh...not some last minute stuff)
3. “I’m sorry, but you have got to go.” (In other word, you are being laid off!)
4. “OMG, I have forgotten to pay the bills/taxes!” (Don't happen often...but I do tend to have a short memory at times)
5. “They are fighting, again!” (The in-laws will complain about my 3 year-old daughter and her nephew who's 8 months older squabbling over toys and food; there are times they will bite each other on the arms!)
6. “I don’t want to go to school!” (Some years down the road, I worry my daughter will shriek about this)
7. “I’ve flunked my exams!” (Some more years down the road when she is schooling...and the list goes on)


    8. Health problem (You can never take health for granted, even though you are healthy!)
    9. Environmental problem (One of the major problems we face around the world)
    10. Terrorists Attacks/War (Ditto)
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    1. Julia Says:

      I'm familiar with some of your worries here. Like # 4 (because of your short memories habit LOL!), #5, #6, #8 and #9 :)

      Speaking of short memories habit, am surprise you can list 10 things you worry about LOL! But...that was a good well thought of list you got there :)

    2. Melody Says:

      Wow, didn't know you are familiar with some of my worries...should I be scared? LOL.

      Of course you know about my short memory habit, so hopefully you can be more understanding if I forget something...haha.

    3. Julia Says:

      Well I familiar with it because you talk about it should be scared of me LOL

      Hmm should I knock some sense out of you to get your short term memories to stay bit longer? hahaha

      People who read this - must know that Melody and I are good friend. And we love to tease each other LOL :)

    4. Melody Says:

      Oh, I better keep my mouth shut then. LOL! It'd be good if anything helps to improve my memory, but then again that might be a sign that I'm getting old, hehe.

    5. Debi Says:

      #6-Yep, that can be more than a little annoying. Keep worrying. lol

    6. Seriously, these sound like the dreams I have. I'm ALWAYS worried about being late, or missing an appointment entirely. I know there is some deep-rooted reason for this but I have no desire to examine it. lol

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