Mo Hayder has done it again! Hayder has a unique voice that gets you hooked to her stories and never let it go till you have reached the end. I am glad to say Pig Island is no exceptional. I first read Tokyo (otherwise known as 'The Devil of Nanking') and it has left me a deep impression; from then I began to look out for her books. Her stories are darker as compared to some authors I have read; a colleague even told me her books made her depressed, so if you belong to the faint hearted one, I suggest you should give her books a pass.

Joe Oakes is a journalist, and he goes out exposing supernatural hoaxes and the likes. He has a bad history with Malachi Dove, who is a leader of Psychogenic Healing Ministries, and also a strong believer of faith healing. Joe blames him for causing his aunt’s death indirectly, and especially making him believing he had a deadly tumor. He then published an expose on Malachi, and Malachi threatened him with a lawsuit but it fizzled because everyone presumed he was dead.
Some time later, Joe visits a remote Scottish island after seeing a video that captured a glimpse of a creature roaming in the island by some tourists. The locals believe it was Malachi's doings and warn him that he shouldn't cross the border and provoke him. Joe is fascinated with the island's electrical fencing, gargolyes blocking some pathways, the toxin-filled oil drums and even the smell of dead pigs but he is not going to let these barriers stop him from investigating.

In the mayhem of doing so, he later learns from a local's daughter that she has tried to trap the "creature" by digging and camouflaging a manhole but it was an unsuccessful attempt. She then offers to show him the place and stumbles upon a young woman whom is Dove's mysterious daughter Angeline. Joe wins her confidence quickly and she began to tell him what his father is capable of doing, although she wouldn't say what he has done to her in the past.

Joe believes they are in danger, and with his wife they left the place and brought Angeline with them, but they didn't know that danger has the capability of following them no matter where they go.

I wish I would write this review in details, but then it would be spoilers. I was totally blown away by the ending. What a twist! You can say I am now an official fan of Mo Hayder.
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  1. Julia Says:

    reat review Melody! As I said to you, I already place "Tokyo" and "Birdman". I'm waiting until they call me to let me know when I can pick it up :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks Julia! Let me know once you have collected those books from the library!!!

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