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  1. A couple weeks ago, we asked about how you take care of your books, with one of the questions asking whether you write in your books. Well, what about books that are meant to be written in? Like, say, a journal or diary? Do you keep one? Obviously, if you're answering this, you have a blog--do you just let your blog be your journal? Or do you also keep one for private stuff also?

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Well, I don't write journal or diary, but I do blog (obviously ;P). My blog is everything to me... from book reviews to movie reviews, my personal lifestyle and thoughts. I used to write diary when I was younger (I think in primary school) and I stopped doing so when I was in High School (since it took up much of my time - studying and school activities), but I didn't stop there and took up writing essays instead (since it was beneficial to my grades as well, haha). I won 2nd place in an essay competition in school during my last year in HS (after some persuasion from the teacher). Now that I'm out working, I don't write essays anymore but I turn to writing short stories instead whenever I have some time to spare.

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  1. Andree Says:

    Hi Melody! You mention such an important function of blogs. They are scrapbooks of our lives and loves. That is one of many reasons, but probbly the primary reason, why I so enjoy them. Have a wonderful week, and don't stop writing!

  2. Melody Says:

    Hi Meeyauw, thanks for dropping by..and for those encouragements! :)

  3. Darla Says:

    I used to fill notebook after notebook with private thoughts about everything when I was a teenager, but haven't kept a diary since. I'm impressed with the essay-writing. Much better than just spewing random thoughts everywhere like I did. :)

  4. Julia Says:

    Hey Melody - my dearest friend!

    I know your blog is everything to you. It your baby ;) I do remember your teling me about your essay winning 2nd place, congrats to you!

    Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  5. Andree Says:

    Melody: I had to come back to respond to your response.

    I am so embarrassed! I forgot Sue! I am not used to asking Sue to do things such as this because she has always lived far from me. But we are both in Vermont now, even though she goes to school in Maine every week. I don't need a friend here in town for this chore! Sue is a lifelong friend of mine, since 5th grade. She is a therapist and minister, too. What person would be better? Thank you again!

  6. Melody Says:

    Awww...thanks for the kind words, Darla! And I love reading your blog, especially your reviews. :)

  7. Melody Says:

    Hi Julia, thanks! As usual, you know me...hehe. ;P

  8. Melody Says:

    Hi Meeyauw, glad to hear that!!! Happy Friday to you. :)

  9. Unknown Says:

    Hi there. Happy writing. Mine is up too.

  10. I had never really thought of blogging as a scrapbook. But it's fitting. :-)

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