This belongs to one of the older releases by Linda Lael Miller.

Bliss Stafford is both shocked and furious to note her father wants her to marry an aging magistrate. So the best thing she did is to escape, to the rugged New Zealand countryside where she thinks no one will find her. There, she meets Jamie McKenna, a handsome and headstrong rancher who has an agenda of his own.

But things didn't go right with Bliss, for her father did manage to find her; and with a twist of fate and a compromised situation, Bliss and Jamie wed under the threat of her father's pistol. Although Bliss is frustrated with her "new" position, she has no choice but to swallow it. Then, she begins to notice Jamie isn't as bad as she thinks, and slowly she falls in love with him.

But Jamie had his secret past before setting up his own ranch, and Bliss is determined to find out and lure him out of his dark past.

A sensual story which features both headstrong hero and heroine. Though the plot might seem outdated (as compared to the more popular genres like paranormal or romance suspence today), I won't complain as I mentioned earlier - this is an older release, which I am sure the genre/plot is the "in" thing then.

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