Based on the Chinese calendar, Lunar New Year falls on 18 Feb.
So...Happy Piggy Year!!!
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  1. Julia Says:

    You won't see this post until you come back on Wed, but Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Hope you had great day!

  2. Andi Says:

    I didn't know what year it was but I did know that it was Chinese New Year. What is the year of the pig supposed to be like.

  3. Melody Says:

    Hey Julia, thanks! I'm at my Uncle's house while writing this... :) See ya on Wed!

  4. Melody Says:

    Hi Bluest Butterfly, thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you will drop by often...

    Well, I can't really answer your question..., do you mean how's the year will be like this year? I wish I know, but no matter how it will be, we will try to make the best of everything. :)

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