I started reading Dean Koontz when I was still schooling (can’t remember if it was High School or thereafter), anyway I was hooked. I can still remember the first book I read by him, the title is Shattered. It was such a thrill reading that book and from then onwards, I began to look out for his books.

Mitchell Rafferty is a landscape gardener. Life is simple for him and his wife Holly, until one day he receives a call on his cell phone, the other party informing him that they have got his wife and they wants him to raise two million dollars cash within sixty hours, or else Holly will be dead. Mitch tells them he is only a gardener, and he hasn’t had that kind of money in his account, but they just don’t care and assure him that he will know what to do.

To prove to Mitch that they mean business; they killed a man who walks his dog across the street after the phone call. Mitch is shattered, although he wants someone to help him badly, he has no one to turn to, especially not the police.

Not only the kidnappers are ruthless, but Mitch knows they are professionals also, because they manage to bug his house, follow him around discreetly when he is driving without leaving any trails. Mitch is desperate, and doesn’t understand why he is chosen for this extortion, but he will do anything to save the life of his beloved wife, including risking his life and that of others.

There are lots of tensions in this story as it moves along. Fast paced and filling with twists, fans of Dean Koontz will love this thriller.
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