Irene Stenson was fifteen when she returned home from an evening drive with her best friend, Pamela Webb to find her dead parents on the floor of their lake house. Police suspected Hugh Stenson, Dunsley police chief attempted suicide and shot himself after he had shot his wife. Irene was too young and shocked to acknowledge anything behind it, and was then taken under care by her elderly aunt.

Seventeen years later, she returned to the town again. This time, she was a reporter with a print media and the reason she got back was because she had received an email from Pamela whom she had lost contact ever since that horrendous night. She stayed at a secluded lodge, which is owned by Luke Danner, an ex-Marine who was curious and fascinated about her at the same time. Then, Irene's behaviour began to arouse his curiousity and he decided to trail after her, as his mind wasn't 'out' of his Marine life and that he had suffered his own share of post-traumatic stress.

But Irene didn't have a chance to meet Pamela, for her friend believed to have died of a drug overdose. Irene didn't buy it, and she got a feeling that her friend had something to tell her; that had something to do with the past. On the other hand, Irene didn't really trust some of the town inhabitants, from Sam McPherson the police chief to Pamela's rich family members like Ryland Webb who was a senator. While she tried hard to dig deeper into Pamela's mysterious death, she was also surprised to learn Pamela harboured some secrets before her death. With Luke by her side, they followed the trail and fell in love along the way.
I enjoyed reading it - the characters are likable and the plot is good, filled with enough suspense to keep me going.
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