Right now, my shoulders feel like there are a dozen of heavy rocks settling on them. Why? Because I'm feeling stress. Over what? You might ask again. Well, have you ever organized a company's event (i.e. an Annual Dinner & Dance) for about 800 staff including their spouses? And on top of that, how do you feel if you are the main co-ordinator, and that means all the committee members will have to feedback to you and leave you to co-ordinate with the rest? And then again, we have to discuss about the seating arrangements (oh yuck! This kinda reminds me the time when I planned for my wedding dinner but minus the 550 guests from the list) I used to think it isn't a tough job, but now I'm thinking otherwise.

Onto the brighter side, I'm enjoying reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yes, I'm way behind time, hehe), as well as New Moon which I'm currently reading it with Alice. Eclipse, the sequel to New Moon will be released on 7 August (that is today!!), so you can be sure I'll be checking out this book too. What else? Next I'm also looking forward to reading The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes with Julia, and also reading Hidden Agendas for the 2nds Challenge hosted by Joy from October through December. I feel excited just thinking about my upcoming reading schedule, hehe.
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  1. Julia Says:

    I'm excited about reading along with you on The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes! :) Enjoy your fun well others challenge you're doing hehe

  2. You do have a lot on your shoulders right now, Melody. Good luck with the company event!

    At least you are able to find some comfort in your books. :-) You are moving right along with the Harry Potter books. I am looking forward to the 2nds Challenge too. :-)

  3. Melody Says:

    Thanks Julia! I'm really looking forward to reading it. :)

    Hey Wendy, thanks! I really need a break from organizing that event!!! LOL. And yes, I'm glad to find 'refuge' in my books, hehe... they're always my stress reliever! ;P I enjoy reading the HP series, they're so much better than the movies version, although I enjoyed them too. :)

  4. Alice Says:

    Oh Mel... I know how that feels... Here's a hug for you.

    I've also organized annual dinners for my past employer (the one before the one I quitted), but I have the help of 2 other colleagues. Bless Susan and Sharon! They're really good partners and we shared different responsibilities in organizing that event for about 500 guests (employees and their spouses). I did that for 2 years.

    I'm enjoying the reading of New Moon with you. Happy to know that your reading schedule is giving you pleasure. :D

  5. Melody Says:

    Alice, thanks for the hug. :D

    Organizing a company's event sure isn't easy, but it can be fun in a way, hehe.

    New Moon is getting intense, and I can't wait to finish the book! ;)

  6. Alice Says:

    You're right on New Moon. I can't wait either. But somehow, I just feel that it doesn't give me the same feeling as Twilight. I must be missing Edward, the vampyre... LOL. :P

  7. Rowena Says:

    I totally know what you mean, Alice...because I missed Edward horribly in New Moon but I didn't dislike the book, I still loved got me to love Jake Black all the more...=)

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