ISBN: 0736424393
Pub. Date: May 2007
Publisher: Random House Children's Books

I saw this trailer when the hubs and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but too bad it will only be released on 30 Aug over here. I told him I will watch it with or without him when the day arrives, because knowing him he will only watch the animations on DVDs. But I have got the hunch that he will follow me in the end though, hehehe. Anyway, I saw this book during a trip to the bookstore one day and decided to pick it up. And I was glad that I enjoyed reading it, despite the story is short and it is meant for children (OK, please don't laugh).

Remy is not your typical ordinary rat. Well you see, he has a sharp sense of smell and taste, and on top of that he loves to cook, not to mention he is also a great cook too and he dreams of becoming a gourmet chef one day. But how could he be when he is viewed as the dirtiest and most unhygiene thing to be seen in the kitchen! However, his fate is about to change after he flees from an old lady's house when she threatens to kill his family and he ends up in the Gusteau's restaurant.

Linguini got a job as a garbage boy in Gusteau's restaurant, through a letter left by his mother Renata who happens to be the great chef's old flame. He died shortly after the fine reputation of his restaurant is tarnished after a scathing review by France's top food critic Anton Ego. However, he left Linguini a will but only Skinner, the head chef knows about it and he will think of every possible way to get rid of Linguini.

The thing about Linguini is he doesn't know how to cook. One day he accidentally ruins a soup and just when he is about to make a remedy, he is shocked when he finds Remy adding up spices and making the soup. Unfortunately Skinner noticed the rat and he ordered Linguini to get rid of it. But Linguini has a soft spot for Remy, and to top it off he knows how to cook so they decided on a plan. Remy gets to stay but he will help Linguini to cook. The only way he could do is to hide himself inside Linguini's hat and gives him instructions through tugging at his hair.

Soon, everyone came to know about Linguini's skills and this includes Anton. And Skinner is going to ruin Linguini's plan after knowing his little secret. So, what do you think the people will react if they find out the whole truth? And do you think Skinner will get his way? I am not going to spoil it for you, but I definitely have a great time reading the last few chapters, and have laughed out loud on several occasions. I just can't wait to watch the animation!
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  1. My husband normally doesn't watch animation of any kind, but we have seen a few of these Pixar movies (Nemo, Incredibles) and we did go see this one recently at the theater. We took our niece and nephew and we all enjoyed it :) I didn't know there was a book tie-in, very cool :)

    Hope you get to see it soon!!!

    Happy Reading :)

  2. Alice Says:

    Reading children's book is totally OK, Mel! I do that all the time. You don't laugh, K?...

    Now you make me want to watch the animation...

  3. Julia Says:

    Beside Disney, I also love Pixar movies too. Both are fun to watch. I guess there is just a kid in me... *grin*. Like Alice, I love animations of all kind :)

    I been wanting to see Ratatouille for long while now. Hopefully I will when my friend and I take her kids to see it :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Hi Stacy! Oh, I love animations!!! Better still if we watch them with our daughter. :) But in this case, I'm going to watch this at the theatre w/o her when it is released but will definitely buy the DVD for keeps.

    Hey Alice! How could I laugh at you when I'm also doing it to myself?! LOL.

    Hey Julia! Me too, me too! :D I'm hoping you and Alice will watch Ratatouille so we will have more things to discuss then, hehe.

  5. Julia Says:

    LOL Melody - can you imagine all 3 of us chatting at once about it *grin*...wonder who is the loudest be fun to chat away :)

  6. valentina Says:

    I've watched this last week and I absolutely loved it. The rat is so funny and cute. i never thought I would say that about a rat :P

  7. Melody Says:

    Hi Valentina! Thanks for visiting! :)

    I love this animation! Remy is sooo cute, and I think he's an inspiration to all. :)

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