ISBN-13: 9780756404635
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Published: February 2008
Book One of the Magister Trilogy

Everything has its price. In this first book of the Magister series, author C.S. Friedman weaved an original and imaginative fantasy about how sorcery is achieved at the cost of the ultimate sacrifice of one's life.

Kamala has a bitter childhood. Having born to a poor family, she has seen through life and often wishes she is someone different. Her life changes when she visits a Magister one day and she asked him to take her as his apprentice. However, no Magister is a female and Magister Ethamus isn't sure if it is a wise decision to train her but Kalama is insistent and shows her determination that she is willing to do anything as long as he accepted her proposal. He gave in finally, and Kamala is to become the first female Magister although she will have to remain discreet and hide her identity as a lowly witch with limited powers. Being a Magister is different from a witch for he gets the life essence of a consort until that person dies and he will find another replacement. A Magister is the most powerful amongst all sorcerers.

On the other end, Prince Andovan is dying soon. His father, King Danton Aurelius calls his Royal Magister as well as the others to find a cure to his son's mysterious illness but all of them know there is no cure for he is dying from the Wasting, in which he is used as a consort and his life is wasted away by an unknown Magister but no one knows who he is. Magister Colivar then probes deeper into this mystery and soon find out that this unknown Magister might be a female who has broken the gender barrier and decides to find out more. Prince Andovan wants to know about the person who believes to have taken his life essence so together with Magister Colivar's help, he makes everyone believes he has ended his life himself to protect his undercover so that he is free to search for this Magister. King Danton couldn't take his son's death so he commanded Ramirus, his Royal Magister to leave and finds himself another new Magister, the evil Kostas who already has an agenda on his mind.

Though Kamala stays low profile, her secret identity is on threads as she has killed a Magister through fury and self-defense and soon she will be a hunt for other Magisters as they all knew a Magister cannot be killed (at least not that easily) and they intend to find out the culprit.

Feast of Souls is a wonderful start to the trilogy which is filled with excitement and suspense. C.S. Friedman has created unforgettable characters in this story, and through them we learn about the positive and negative of the human's nature disposition, and also how some overcome their difficulties through courage and determination. I see the latter in Kamala and Prince Andovan, for both are courageous in their own ways. I liked Kamala; she has a soft side in her where there is a scene that she assumes a young child is her consort and she cries for him because she feels so helpless. Another thing I liked about this book is, it makes you to think that sometimes it is the hearts of the humans and not the evil magic which is the scariest thing of all.

I can't wait for its next installment, Wings of Wrath to be released soon.
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  1. Ana S. Says:

    "Another thing I liked about this book is, it makes you to think that sometimes it is the hearts of the humans and not the evil magic which is the scariest thing of all."

    I like books that do that. I have trouble being scared by the notion of abstract evil. The things people will do to one another, though, is a whole other issue.

    How come I'd never heard of this series? It sounds great.

  2. Melody Says:

    Yes, I like books that makes me ponder and are thought-provoking. I hope you'll pick up this series, Nymeth! :)

  3. Jane Says:

    You have been reading some fun books lately Melody! What fun you must be having! Great review as always!

  4. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Jaimie! Can you tell I've been on a fantasy mood lately? ;) I had a great time reading this genre and I'm definitely looking out for more!

  5. I am adding a lot of books to my wishlist tonight. This does sound good. Like Nymeth, I often find myself drawn to books where the darkness comes from within.

  6. Melody Says:

    I've been adding a lot over the past few days too, Wendy! ;) I hope you'll look out for this too.

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