ISBN-13: 9780764157912
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Published: September 2004

I bought this during a booksale. Needless to say, the title is the first thing that has caught my attention.

Asides from the title, the cover glows in the dark which I find it pretty cool. And don't you agree it fits the theme and adds an intriguing feeling to the book?

Bo is a little girl who loves to read. Then one evening, when she is reading a story about a witch who had smelly feet, suddenly the lights go out. She hears whispers in the dark, then one clammy hand grabs her book which she is holding onto as she is being whisked away into the night sky. When she opens her eyes next, she finds herself in a Ghost Library, where she finds herself surrounded by empty shelves in a big room.

Just when she thinks she is dreaming, the three ghosts appear and they began to introduce themselves as Magpie, Twit and Puddle Mud. They tell her they want her book and that they collect books for their library. Bo thinks their remark is weird, since she can't find a single book on the shelves. The ghosts' explanation is that, they don't have their own books so they take children's books, read them a few times and return them. They look sad after they said this, but Twit recovers quickly from the sadness and asks Bo to read them a story instead.

Soon, ghost after ghost flew into the library and popped out of the shelves, all waiting to hear Bo's story. Bo sighed and begins the story about the witch who had smelly feet. After she has finished the story, she wants to hear about their stories but they claim they have none to tell. Then Bo has an idea, and a story is created!

And for the next few pages, author and illustrator, David Melling made use of illustrations to have their story told and how Bo's idea will lead to a library filled with books. I love the ending, and what most attracts me is there is a page that folds and pulls out to enhance the illustrations. All in all, it is a fun and entertaining little read.
10 Responses
  1. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody, nice cover and yes, the title attracted me too. :)

  2. Melody Says:

    I like the cover, but it's the glow-in-the-dark effect that really intrigues me. ;)

  3. Kathy Says:

    this sounds very, very interesting! I may have to look it up on my next visit to Barnes & Noble!

  4. Melody Says:

    It is, Jen! :)

    Kathy, I hope you'll be able to find it at the B&N during your next visit. :)

  5. Jane Says:

    A glowing cover? I don't think I could have resisted that either! It sounds like such a fun story especially the witch with smelly feet!

  6. Melody Says:

    Indeed, Jaimie! It's a pity that the book didn't elaborate much on the story of the witch though... ;)

  7. Debi Says:

    Oh my, this sounds delightful! And that cover is wonderful!

  8. Melody Says:

    Debi - Yeah, the cover is one reason I bought it. ;)

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