ISBN-13: 9780452287891
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Published: November 2006

Love comes in various forms. This is what I learnt after reading Love Walked In penned by Marisa De Los Santos.

Thirty-one-year old Cornelia Brown is a true romantic. She sees Cary Grant being the best man in the world, after watching The Philadelphia Story and fell in love with the movie and the actor himself. She often dreams of someone like him who will sweep her off her feet at the cafe she is running, and she finds him in Martin Grace when he happens to walk through the door to her cafe one day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, eleven-year-old Clara is upset that her mother is experiencing a mental breakdown and just walked out of her life as if nothing has happened. Clara and Cornelia then cross paths at her cafe, where Martin announces to her that Clara is her daughter. He has already divorced from Clara's mother although he didn't mention it to Cornelia in the beginning. With no one to turn to and disappointed that her father doesn't offer any advice and often brushing her concerns aside, Clara began to get closer to Cornelia. And as for Cornelia, she feels she cares about Clara more than she knew and grows to be attached with her.

Then enter Teo Sandoval, whom Cornelia has knew all her life. He also happens to be Ollie, her sister's husband although her family didn't think he and Ollie makes a perfect couple. When her relationship with Martin begins to get distant, Cornelia finds herself falling in love with Teo, but nothing as strong as her love for Clara. And when Clara's mother shows up at her place one day, telling her she needs Clara, Cornelia feels she is at a loss.

Love Walked In is a moving story that will touch your heart as you flipped through the pages. It is also a heartwarming story that tells about love and it comes in various forms - between men and women, mothers and daughters and between a girl and a woman. I can understand why Cornelia reacts to Clara in a maternal way, after all Clara and Cornelia are almost like each other; Clara's looking for a happy family life and reunion with her mother, while Cornelia's looking for a man she truly loves and having her own family. They find comfort in each other's company, and little do they know that they have already formed a deep bond to each other.

I liked the characters in this story. Also, I find it extremely touching about the bond between Clara and Cornelia, after all they are strangers initially but what most touches me is the power of love of a mother to a daughter. Cornelia has shown her love to Clara exactly in that way although she isn't Clara's biological mother. And when Clara's mother show up and said this to Cornelia: "I need to be the one she needs. She's my life. Please." It is just heartwrenching.

I miss my mom.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Glad to see that you enjoy this heart wrenching story :) Great review!

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Julia! There were times that it brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Melody, I read this last year and thought it was really sweet. She just released a new book. I miss my mom too. I don't think you ever stop.

  4. Melody Says:

    Kristy - Indeed in some ways it was. :) I've forgotten to mention that she has a new book out - Belong To Me. I can't wait to get that too!

    Zeek - Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll enjoy the book and do let me know once you've read it so I can read your reviews. ;)

  5. I really wish I had picked up a copy of this book when I was in the bookstore last, but I held back. :-( It sounds so good. Thanks for the great review, Melody.

  6. Jane Says:

    That sounds so sweet. I may have to add another to my wish list!
    I definitely understand the Cary Grant attraction!

  7. raych Says:

    This sounds excellent and touching. Great review!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Eek. Not sure I could do another heart-wrenching type story right now. But it does sound good!! Nice review!

  9. Ana S. Says:

    This really does sound very touching. Thanks for the lovely review, Melody.

  10. Melody Says:

    Wendy - Thanks. I hope you'll pick up the book during your next visit to the bookstore. :)

    Jaimie - I hope you'll enjoy it if you've the chance to read this.

    Raych - Thanks for visiting. And thank you for your kind comment. :)

    Stephanie - Thanks. I hope you'll pick this up if the mood strikes. ;)

    Nymeth - Thank you. I'm attracted to touching stories and I don't know why. ;)

  11. Alice Says:

    I love touching stories and when I come across some good ones, I can't help sobbing. My family just love teasing me on that. Same goes for movies.

  12. Melody Says:

    Yeah, I'm like that too, Alice. ;)

  13. trish Says:

    I just read about this at Book Addiction (Heather's blog) and put it on my Bookmooch list, and I stroll on over to your blog and what book do you review? Love Walked In! Hehe...sometimes you're hit over the head with the fact that you must read this book. Okay, okay, I get it!

  14. Melody Says:

    Trish, that's a nice coincidence, isn't it? Also, it's obviously a sign to tell you that you gotta have to read this book, hehe.

  15. Iliana Says:

    I'm not really in the mood for a heart-wrenching story but you make this sound so good. Another of my blog friends has recently recommended this so I just need to pick it up don't I?! I actually got an ARC of her latest book Belong to Me so I think I will have to get to it soon.

  16. Melody Says:

    Iliana, you've to pick this up! It's definitely a great read. :) I'll be looking forward to reading your review on Belong to Me as this is on my wishlist too.

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