Friday Fill-Ins

This week Amy provided the questions; thank you, Amy!

1. Dancing to the music while humming to myself makes me relax and happy.

2. The last time I viewed through my old photo albums I nearly cried because it brought me lots of wonderful memories.

3. When I drive I make sure everyone has their seat belts on.

4. I saw my colleagues standing by the copier zapping some documents.

5. Give me time, give me books, give me a reading space and I will be a very happy person.

6. Next week I am looking forward to meeting up with my ex-boss since I am invited to attend to his eldest son's wedding dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to meeting up with my friends, tomorrow my plans include visiting the hospital for viewing of the maternity ward/delivery suites and Sunday, I want to spend some time with my family!

21 Responses
  1. K Says:

    #3 - I do the same!

    #5 - I feel the same way too!

    #6 - Enjoy the wedding dinner!

    #7 - Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Janet Says:

    I love looking through old photo albums :-)

    Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend!

  3. Alice Says:

    The same goes for me for #1 and #5.

    Have loads of fun viewing the delivery suite! And... have a good weekend! :D

  4. Iliana Says:

    #5 could very well be my motto :)
    Have a great time with your friends and family Melody and hope the maternity ward visit goes well too. You'll have to keep us posted!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Zapping documents - good visual! Enjoy the maternity ward!

    Come check out mine - it was fun!

  6. ~ Mhay ~ Says:

    I also love looking through old photos albums. Good way to cherish memories :)

    I played too, hope you ca visit here Thanks!

  7. Julia Says:

    I think that #1 would be me, I do that most of the times. And it help *grin*. And I love your answers for #5, that be me too.

    I hope you have great weekend -- attending your ex-boss's son wedding dinner! And have fun spending times with your friends this weekend! Let me know how the place at the maternity ward/delievery suites look like.

  8. Julie Says:

    Love your #1 and your #5 about time, books, & some space! Happy Friday:)

  9. Melody Says:

    Soleil - Thanks for visiting! :)

    Janet - I love viewing photo albums, no matter if they're old or new. ;)

    Alice - It'd be the same hospital which I gave birth to my elder daughter, but who knows if anything has changed?

    Iliana - Sure I will. I can't believe time flies quickly! October is fast approaching! ;)

    Mommywizdom - Thank you!

    Mhay - I love watching family videos too, but we rarely take them.

    Julia - I know you love singing & dancing. ;) It'd be nice to meet up with my ex-boss again because it's been some time since I've seen him.

    Julie - Thanks! Happy Friday to you too!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    What a great list! So many of them could apply to me as well.
    Enjoy the wedding next week!
    Happy Friday

  11. Anonymous Says:

    We both said "Give me TIME". I just wish we have more of it.... to a degree.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Desert Diva Says:

    It must be fun visiting those newborn babies. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  13. Jack Says:

    Looking through old family albums, reminiscing, always makes me well up also. Happy weekend :)

  14. mandaroo63 Says:

    Me too on #1, #3, and #5.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Love your #5!

    Happy weekend! :D

  16. YellowRose Says:

    Looking through photo albums has the same effect on me!

    I feel the same about #5!!

  17. Ana S. Says:

    Time and books, a perfect combination :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Melody. I hope the visit to the maternity ward goes well!

  18. It's hard to stay in a bad mood when you are dancing and humming to good music. :-)

    We were thinking alike for number 5, I think!

    I hope you are having a great weekend, Melody!

  19. Jane Says:

    I just spent more than I am comfortable with at the I-Tunes store! I can't help myself!
    Have fun at the wedding!

  20. Melody Says:

    Thanks for visiting, everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend. :D

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