ISBN-13: 9781934246634
Publisher: Peppertree Press
Published: June 2007
(Reviewer Copy)

First sentence: It seems like I've been single...forever.

Delaney Moore is thirty-six year old and a successful advertising executive. Suddenly, life is no longer a bed of roses for her when she finds herself suddenly dumped by Ryan, her husband of eight and a half years because he thinks their goals are way too different while she blamed it on their young and naïvety when they first got married. Anyway, the failed marriage torn her apart but she is very determined to get her life back and thus, she set out on a mission to find companionship again.

She met Amanda, Lindsay and Jen along the way and they became good friends. Like Delaney, the other three women are single too and Delaney no longer feels like she is alone as they share their stories and give moral support and advice to one another. Delaney is also grateful to have Abagail, a cocker spaniel to keep her company during all these times despite she is only a pet.

The novel goes on to describe Delaney's dating tales, starting with a rebound relationship to meeting boy toys, meeting someone at the pubs and from an online dating site to vacation flings, and having a one-night stand with a stranger for the experience because she had never done it in her life et cetera, until she meets Donald "Soup" Soupart, a loan officer when she purchases her new house. Their relationship is mutual and very businesslike initially, but Delaney thinks he is the one and thus, she is very cautious about maintaining their relationship. Soup likes her too, and they went on several dates and became lovers. Two years later, Soup decided that they needed a break. Though heartbroken, she felt she has grown after having experiencing a series of dating throughout the years and it is through these that she has found herself and decided that being single is not something she feel a need to run from anymore. Most importantly, she learnt that love comes in many different packages.

I liked the following passages of the last chapter:

The destination in life is not about "not being single"; it's about being happy - regardless of your relationship status.

Life is always moving forward and always changing. That's why through it all you have to find happiness in simply being alive and experiencing all of these adventures. In the end, the greatest love of your life is really yourself.
Jackie Mahaney wrote about a single woman life's personal relationships with honesty, integrity and humor in Meet Delaney. An inspiring author, Ms. Mahaney is also a dating and relationship journalist and is widely known for her dating and relationship articles, published on various internet sites.
8 Responses
  1. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody, I like the passages that you've included in the review. "Life is always moving forward and always changing." Which is precisely what makes it beautiful and worth living. :D

  2. Melody Says:

    Glad we share the same sentiments, Alice. :)

  3. Julia Says:

    Great review! Hmmm,going to browse her website to see if this book is something I like to read :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Julia! :)
    Let me know if you want to read it and I'll send my copy to you.

  5. Iliana Says:

    Those passages are great and so true! I'll have to keep this book in mind.

  6. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Indeed! I'll have to keep them in mind. :)

  7. Thank you for another great review, Melody. Love does come in different packages. I love the quotes you share here. I know several people who are content with being single. I am sure they wouldn't mind meeting someone, but it isn't something they have to have happen, you know?

  8. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Wendy! I too know several people who are happy being single, or some others who have reasons for being single, but as long as they're happy, that's what most matters. :)

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