This week it's all about judging books by their covers!

Pick a book--any book, really--and search out multiple book cover images for that book. They could span a decade or two (or more)...Or they could span several countries. Which cover is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Which one best 'captures' what the book is about?

There are a few reasons why I chose Pride and Prejudice, though the main reason is I simply loved the story. Everything in this story captivated me: the plot, the characters and of course, Jane Austen's style of writing.

Every time I see a Jane Austen's book, I am drawn into it because of the various versions and different covers. Most often, I do not judge a book by its cover but it does influence me to pick up the book if the cover is interesting and attractive, especially the title or the name of the author I am not familiar with or have not heard of.

Another thing I like about Jane Austen's books is it often portrays young women of that era. I am attracted to the charm and grace these women portrayed and not to mention the kind of dresses they wore really intrigued me too. For this assignment, I only chose a few covers because there are just too many of them out there. I have to say each cover is unique on its own but my favourite will be the second left of the last row. Honestly, I have no idea which cover best captures the story because most of them look kind of similiar to me.

So tell me, which is your favourite and least favourite cover?

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17 Responses
  1. Iliana Says:

    Look at all those covers. I haven't read P&P (I know, the shame!) but my favorite cover is probably the one next to the Keira movie tie-in cover. That seems so simple and pretty. Which one I dislike most, the Keira Knightly cover. I just don't like movie-tie in covers!

  2. Melody Says:

    Iliana - I haven't read all the books by Jane Austen yet, but I'm hoping to one day! ;)

    Oh, I like that cover too! Movie tie-in covers are nice, but I still find the original covers are the best! ;P (or maybe I'm just biased here, LOL).

  3. claire Says:

    Ooh I love P&P! The second and fifth on the second row are my favourites.

    The one I have right now has no dustjacket, so it's plain cloth grey. My old one was the first cover on the top left of your lot.

    I kind of also like the last picture because the girl looks so much like my good friend. :)

  4. Erika Powell Says:

    there are so many! I really like the one in the top right corner. and the movie version.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm...they are all nice but I don't think I love or hate any cover. And i really love this book too.

  6. Melody Says:

    Claire - You know, I wish I've some of these covers because they're just too gorgeous to look at! ;)

    Erika - Indeed! I'd had a fun time googling them! :D

    Violet - Me too! I can't decide which to like or dislike... each cover is special on its own, isn't it?

  7. Robin M Says:

    P & P is on the tbr pile to read this year. I like the 11th one, the last one I don't like - too modern.
    Great job.

  8. Julia Says:

    I love Pride and Prejudice! No matter how many version they have made into TV movies or film, I still like the book much better!

    I think my favorite cover have to be the first row, the second book - if you look it from top to bottom

  9. Melody Says:

    Robin - Thanks! I too think the last one is too modern, but then again all these covers are great, aren't they?

    Julia - Yes, the books are always better than the movies, at least IMO. ;P

  10. Kerrie Says:

    so much to choose from. I think I like the rather old fashioned one in the top right corner

  11. Sharyla Says:

    My favorite is probably the last one, I like the look on the girls face and I think it would draw a younger reader into it, it doesn't look so 'classic' and intimidating. I don't like the second to last one in the last row because it seems a bit too cartoony.

  12. The Bookworm Says:

    *yay* P&P!
    my favorite is the movie version one. and my least fav is the one I own, the fourth on the first row. I dont like the way that darcy, lizzie and jane are portrayed on that cover.

  13. Melody Says:

    Kerrie - I love that cover too!

    Melange - I agree the last cover has a more modern look, isn't it?

    Naida - I've to admit I was a little overwhelmed when I googled for these images. I can't imagine there're so many covers on P&P! Well, that shows how popular this book is, isn't it? ;)

  14. Dorte H Says:

    What a great collection and a wonderful choice of book!
    Impossible to choose one only, but I like the old-fashioned ones where you get an impression of the dresses of her time.

  15. Melody Says:

    Dorte - Those covers are pretty, aren't they? :)

  16. I don't care for the one in the bottom left hand corner. The dress just doesn't seem right for the era.

  17. I don't like Austen at all. And I used to own the Penguin version which I passed on to my niece!


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