Booking Through Thursday
So, judging by last week’s answers, apparently the question I should have been asking was:
Where DON’T you read??
This week's topic is interesting. Let's see...I don't read in the bus. I get motion sickness easily, although it's strange that I don't have this problem when I'm taking the train. And I don't read where there's water around (i.e. swimming pools, although I don't mind reading a book at the beach as long as there's a safe distance between us, hehe. I don't want my book to get wet though. And then of course, no reading in a bathtub. Anyway, I don't have a bathtub. LOL!) Similarly, I don't read when there's a crowd too, because I will end up distracted.
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  1. teabird Says:

    thanks for visiting Tea Reads! I don't have a bathtub either... but I'd be leery of reading anything but a magazine in it if I did!

  2. Julia Says:

    You don't read on the bus but you do on the train? That interesting! I can read at the beach too but then I read in the bath. That only because am normally not laying down but sitting up LOL

    Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  3. Alice Says:

    Hi Mel, good stuff here. I can't really read in the bus too. One thing, I seldom take buses so chances are slim... I don't have a bathtub too, so there goes the reading-in-tub chance. Hehe...

  4. The Captain Says:

    Last time I checked, they haven't invented waterproof books, so yeah, no reading in the shower for me. =)

    Lovely blog, by the way!

  5. Reading around water can be dangerous. :-) When I go to the beach, sometimes I do like to read as well. I do not like lying out in the sun though and so usually when we go to the beach, it's to walk around and sight see. Not much reading in that, I'm afraid.

  6. Melody Says:

    Hi teabird! Those are exactly my thoughts. LOL.

    Hi Julia, I know it's strange. But I find the buses are more jerky as compared to the trains. Or maybe it's me. ;P

    Hi Alice, I know it can be a joy to read in the bathtubs. But as for me, it's a big no no because I tend to have butter fingers. LOL!

    Hi Rhiain, it'd be wonderful if waterproof books are invented! I'm waiting for that day to arrive though!!! ;)

    Hi Wendy, I don't mind reading at the beach. As long as I'm under the shade and stay away from the water! LOL.

    Happy reading all.

  7. I have to read in the tub... but otherwise, I agree with your answers!

    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Unknown Says:

    You are much more protective of your books than I am. Mine go with me everywhere. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Melody Says:

    Hi Marianne, I wish I have a bathtub! But no reading is allowed for me, LOL.

    Hi Sarala! Yes I can be protective of my books, because they are my passion. :P

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