Booking Through Thursday

No, not THAT kind of R.I.P.
Reading. In. Public.
Do you do it? Why or why not?
Yes, I suppose I do it almost every day (except weekends). You see, I don't drive to work. And the only transport I use is either public bus or the train. The journey takes about an hour from my house to where I work, and usually this is the best time I can catch up with my reading, besides my lunch hour and so forth. Although I do read at home, I only do it when my daughter is sleeping or doesn't need much of my attention.
And why not? Reading is always my passion. I bring a book wherever I go, and besides that you do that to kill time too. (i.e. waiting in a queue!)
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6 Responses
  1. Alice Says:

    Oh Mel... I think we are 'twins' in many ways except that I don't have any kiddos yet. LOL. I travel to work by the LRT so plenty of reading opportunity there -- a good 30 minutes when seats are available. :)

    Happy BTT and have a great weeekend!

  2. I'm a RIP'er too, but after reading several other people's responses, I just realized something. I read better in some public places than others. I'm easily distracted in airports, on trains, etc. I do much better on an airplane once it's in flight, in a doctor's office, etc. In other words, I need some semblance of quiet, it appears :)

    Happy Reading!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I could probably RIP if it was part of my daily commute and I got used to it. Reading and driving don't go together. LOL.

  4. K 3 Says:

    I love to read ... any chance I get... though they are getting fewer by the minute. Currently my reading list is ABC's and 123's for my 9 month!! LOL!

    Hopefully I can get back on the bandwagon soon.

  5. Julia Says:

    Hey Melody - I know you RIP in the public bus or train. And I think that would be good times at any to read the books. It passed the time for sure :)

    Happy BTT!

  6. Reading definitely is a passion for me too. I feel so lost without a book.

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