Week of May 13: Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, if you could give your mom anything in the world, what would it be?

I haven't been celebrating Mother's Day since last year. At that time, my mom was lying in the hospital bed; the reason of admittance was due to stroke. It was a double blow to us because a few months earlier, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. I can remember that moment very well because she kept telling me she wasn't sure if she wanted to go for the chemotherapy. I can understand her worries because her friend had breast cancer and she passed away shortly even though she went for the treatment. Thus, my mom was hesitant about it but we supported her because we believe there is always a chance and hope if she goes for the treatment. And she did, but a week later, stroke hit her and it shattered all our dreams.

I used to give her a treat every Mother's Day. My mom was very easy to please and she doesn't expect a lot from us, even a simple treat at any eating outlet will make her very happy. But during this time last year, I could only made one wish for her: and that if it was possible, I wouldn't mind shortening my few years' life span in exchange for a few more years for her. Unfortunately it didn't happen...

And now that she wasn't around, I could only wish she would be happy wherever she is in the other world.

till next time...

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  1. Alice Says:

    Hi Mel, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. You must be missing her so much. *HUG* I'm sure she's smiling at you right now, wherever she is. You've been a good daughter... :)

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