Week of Sept 16: Random Questions

1. what's your favorite color? Blue
2. how many languages do you speak? 3
3. who is your best friend? Jennifer T.
4. are you married? Yes
5. what's your favorite song? Too many to list
6. what is your greatest fear? Losing someone who is close to me
7. who is your hero? It has to be the hubs

till next time...

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6 Responses
  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ahhh you too are my best friend!!! HUGS!!!

  2. Alice Teh Says:

    Hello Melody! *waves from Syd*

    I love blue colour too. :D

    How's your day been?

  3. Debi Says:

    Wow...what languages do you speak? I'm always in awe of people who are multi-lingual. Always wished I learned.

  4. Lotus Reads Says:

    Hi, Melody!

    I can never resist a book blog so I stopped by to say "Hello"! I am sure I will visit again!

    I am also interested in the languages you speak...I am bilingual but desperately trying to learn French as well.

    Happy reading!

  5. Melody Says:

    Hugs back to you, Jen!!! :D

    Hi Alice! Things are so far so good over here. I hope you've fun in Sydney. Keep us updated! ;P

    Hey Debi! I speak English, Chinese and Cantonese. ;) I learnt to speak a little of Hokkien as well. (There are a various of dialects for Chinese and the above two are just a few of them. Others include Teochew, Hakka, Hainanese etc.)

    Hi Lotus reads! Thanks for visiting my blog! I've added your link onto my blogroll. :) I remember my first job in a French company, and their language fascinates me. But I only learnt 'Bonjour', 'Merci', and 'Bon Appetit', haha. I hope I'll be able to learn the language one day if I've the chance.

  6. naida Says:

    hi, have a good week and a great vacation!