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In the perfect follow-up to last week’s question, as suggested by C in DC:

Is there a book that you wish you could “unread”? One that you disliked so thoroughly you wish you could just forget that you ever read it?

Honestly, I cannot say I wish I could "unread" a book. No matter how good or bad a book is, what most matters to me is the reading journey and whether or not if I have learned something from the story. Most of the times, I try to finish a book even if it fails to entertain me. However, I will give up on a book if after reading a few more chapters and I still couldn't find myself interested in the story. While typing this, Stephen King's Cell comes to mind because I remember I couldn't finish reading it. Don't get me wrong, Stephen King is a great author and I loved his works, but that book just didn't work for me. However, this does not mean I wish I could "unread" the book because "unread" and "not finishing" it is two different matters.

What about you?

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  1. Dot Says:

    I agree, I don't think I would want to unread a book as then I wouldn't know that I didn't like it! I couldn't finish Stephen King's Cell either, it was all just a bit too odd for me!

  2. Becca Says:

    I had the same reaction. I don't think there is a book so bad I would unread it. I think there is something positive you can find in any book. Even books I really did not like I found something of worth in, even if it was a struggle. I did end up listing a couple that I did not enjoy. However I made it clear my opinion on these things. You can read it here:

  3. Novroz Says:

    haha this is where people show different taste...I found cell as one of Stephen King's great novel...but I could understand why some people find it odd.

    As for me I have one that I really dislike….maybe other people like this I don't mean to offend them...but that book made me question all Peter Straub’s books

  4. Melody Says:

    Dot - I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't finish Cell, hehe.

    Rebecca - Well said, Rebecca! I'm with you on all the things you said. :)

    Novroz - Reading is such a subject matter. What we might not like may be another reader's favourite! I'm glad you enjoyed reading Cell. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Exactly what I think. I have so many unfinished book but none that I can Unread. Thats a good thing I guess :)

  6. Jo Says:

    I think the two I picked were books I shouldn't have finished! Then I couldn't have said I wish I'd never read them. And I obviously didn't learn because they are both by the same author!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I liked the Cell, personally, but differing tastes is why there's so many books out there in the first place. :-D

    I actually had no trouble picking one for this. The Gun Runner's Daughter was one such book.

  8. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I agree with you Melody. I've read some stinkers, and once in a great while I won't finish it, but I wouldn't undo anything. I suppose if I invested a huge amount of time on a chunkster and hated it, I'd wish I could get my time back, but that has never happened to me. I did not read The Cell...I've read everything S.K. ever wrote up to that point.

  9. I have tried, but can not force myself to read a book that is dull and that I am not enjoying, there are better books out there to read, no need to waste my time.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have never read Stephen King. I guess I will have to break down and give it a try. Happy BTT!

  11. Yvonne Says:

    I've had books I didn't particularly like and even a couple I didn't finish (which is rare for me), but none that I wanted to unread. I've wanted to read Cell, but haven't gotten around to it. It's been years since I've read a Stephen King book.

  12. I don't think I've ever wished I could unread a book. Sometimes I wish I could have that time spent on a book back, though. I have such a rotten memory, that forgetting books is that happens frequently. :(

  13. I think I'd like to forget the existence of the "Dune" sequels. The first two were okay but then beyond that it just got... bad. It's not that they're so bad I'd like those hours back, but rather that they kind of taint my memory of "Dune", which is a pity because "Dune" is actually a great book.

  14. Nise' Says:

    I've read many forgettable books but have put a few aside because they did not hold my attention.

  15. The Alchemist wins hands down from me for wishing it to be unread!

    Booking through Unread

  16. JoAnn Says:

    I haven't read Stephen King since college! I usually don't finish books I dislike.

  17. Jess Says:

    If I don't like a book I usually stop after 100 pages. However, there have been exceptions. In the Woods by Tana French -- I hated the ending and Souvenir by Therese Fowler -- I disliked but read it for book club.

  18. Jane Says:

    You did not miss anything by putting down Cell. It was pretty bad to begin with and the ending was terrible.

    I don't regret anything I've read but there are some books I will not pick up in the first place.

  19. Missy B. Says:

    Speaking of Stephen King...I actually liked Cell and Duma Key. It was Dreamcatchers that I couldn't read. I gave it the old college try, but it just got too gross for me. It hasn't soured me on any of his others, though. :)

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I haven't encountered something that is irredeemably bad. Books that I want to "unread" are ones written by authors whose previous reads I have enjoyed. Sometimes they just have a bad day I guess. I would like to defy time and start over again with another book.

  21. Ana S. Says:

    There's only one book I wish I could unread. I don't even want to say what it is because I know a lot of fans of the author, and I myself really enjoyed her other works. But this book in particular made me SO upset. If I could erase it from my memory I would.

    (Oh, alright :P It's Blood Canticle by Anne Rice.)

  22. Melody Says:

    Violet - I don't think I've a "unread" book or any book I've regretted reading. ;)

    Jo - If I've tried reading the same author twice and still couldn't get into the book, I'll simply give up and not read anything by the author the next time.

    Koolaidmom - Reading is such a subjective matter. It'd be boring if everyone likes the same author! :P

    Sandy - As for chunksters, I'd try to find out from other readers what they think of them before I read them. I could be intimidated by the thickness of the books initially!

    Social Frog - I agree with you. I wouldn't waste my time on books I don't enjoy.

    Charli & Yvonne - I haven't been reading Stephen King's book for some time, but I enjoyed reading his earlier works.

    Trish - I too have a rotten memory, and if I've some extra time I'd spend them on re-reading books that I've forgotten!

    Anonymous Child - I haven't read "Dune" so you've me intrigued there. ;)

    Nise' - I've kept some books which I couldn't finished aside so hopefully next time I'll pick them again when the timing and the mood is right.

    Gautami - I haven't read The Alchemist but I remember I couldn't finish another book by this author.

    JoAnn - I haven't been reading Stephen King's for a while. I'd like to read some of his earlier works again if given some time.

    Jess - I enjoyed In the Woods but I agree the ending is a little disappointing.

    Jaimie - I'm glad to hear I didn't miss out anything in Cell. :P

    Missy - I haven't read Dreamcatchers... and it's always interest me to find out what other readers like or dislike. ;)

    Matt - I agree sometimes our favourite authors do not always produce the best books! In this case, I'd try to keep an open mind and hope their next book will be better!

    Nymeth - Can you believe I haven't read anything by Anne Rice?! I'd want to read her books at a later time but I know I'll not read Blood Canticle first. ;)

  23. Alice Says:

    I agree with you. I would say that I'd leave the book unfinished than "unread"

    This is Alice saying HELLO from Singapore! I'll be here until Sunday!

  24. The Bookworm Says:

    well said :)
    I actually enjoyed Cell, everything but the cliffhanger ending.

  25. Melody Says:

    Alice - I hope you've a great time in Singapore! :D

    Jeane - Thank you so much! :)

    Naida - I'm glad you enjoyed Cell. :) Cliffhanger ending irks me, but I'm always hoping that there'll be a sequel if that's the case. ;)

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