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What book would you love to be able to read again for the first time?

(Interestingly, I thought that I had thought this one up myself, but when I started scrolling through the Suggestions, found that Rebecca had suggested almost exactly this question a couple months ago. So, we both get credit!)

Actually, I have several books which I would love to read again for the first time but I will make things easy and categorize them accordingly to the genres I read over the past two years (when I first started this blog).

Here they are:

Fiction ~ The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

I thought this story is a little scary and yet so thought-provoking in a way.

Thriller/Mystery ~ Out by Natsuo Kirino

This story had me hooked from the first page till the end. You would never imagine what some women would do to cover the deeds they have done!

Romance/Romance Suspense ~ Black Ice by Anne Stuart

No one writes a better and extraordinary bad boy hero than Anne Stuart in my humble opinion.

Fantasy/Fairy Tales ~ The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

There is something mystical and magical about this story. I fell in love with all the characters (well, except the bad guys of course).

YA ~ The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

What can I say? This story is fast-paced, full of intrigue and made you wonder what is going to happen next! I cannot wait for the next installment to be released!

What about you? What book(s) would you love to be able to read again for the first time?

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  1. Julia Says:

    Great answers! I would love to read BLACK ICE again too! One of my favorite book :)

    Well be done with my soon, come by my blog later :)

  2. Novroz Says:

    ow...I love OUT!!! One of my favorite Japanese book, I wish I can find another book by Natsuo Kirino.

    I had reviewed the book too :) it's my 5th time reviewing a book, plese tell me your opinion about my review , if you have time :)

  3. Dot Says:

    I have never read anything by Margaret Attwood, I shall have to give her a go I think. Happy BTT!

  4. Melody Says:

    Julia - I just knew you'd agree with me on Black Ice, hehe. ;)

    Novroz - There're two other books written by Natsuo but I haven't read them yet. Too many books, haha!

    I'd be glad to read your review. :)

    Dot - I've read two of her books so far, and I enjoyed them! I've The Blind Assassin which I need to read it soon but the thickness of the book kind of intimidates me, LOL.

  5. Jo Says:

    I love The handmaids tale too. But I don't think I'd want to read it for the first time again as it gets better each time I read it.

  6. Novroz Says:

    thanks a lot for the opinion :)

  7. Janet Says:

    I haven't read any of these, but a few of them are on my TBR list!

  8. I have not heard of any of those books, but The Goose Girl sounds really good! I might have to get that book!

  9. Beth F Says:

    I already know I have to read Hunger Games, but Out is new to me. I'll have to take a look.

  10. Desert Rose Says:

    Interesting list!!

  11. Yes, The Handmaid's Tale is worth a first read second time around!

    BTT: Second a first

  12. Nise' Says:

    I have Goose Girl and Hunger Games on my TBR pile! I'm not sure if I've read Anne Stuart (will have to check it out).

  13. Jess Says:

    I will have to read Goose Girl. I just finished Austenland by Shannon Hale last week and really enjoyed it.

  14. I'm going to look for Black Ice!

  15. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I could definitely read The Hunger Games again. I've been considering reading "Smilla's Sense of Snow" again, as I read it years ago but remember I loved it. Also "The Post-Birthday World" by Lionel Shriver. But some books that you read with the clever twists? There is nothing like the first time reading these!

  16. The Goose Girl. I'm trying to remember if I read this.

    Here is A Second First Time

  17. Unknown Says:

    I've never heard of Out before. I've just managed to secure the last copy on bookmooch, so am really looking forward to reading it!

  18. Matt Says:

    Books that have surprise ending or a twist would be refreshing to me. But I totally agree with you on The Handmaid's Tale.

  19. I almost choose The Hunger Games for this post, I finished it today and it was amazing! Can hardly wait till Catching Fire comes out in October(if I remember right?).

    Here is my book :)Now I'm off to read your reviews about the other books on your list :)

  20. Ana S. Says:

    My number one choice would be Fingersmith. Reading that book for the first time and then reading it again are sure to be completely different experiences. And more than this I cannot say :P

  21. Darlene Says:

    I could definitely see myself reading Handmaid's Tale again. That was a scary book but good.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    All these books sound really interesting. I have had The Handmaid's Tale on my wishlist for a long time.

  23. Melody Says:

    Jo - I understand. I think I might look at the story in a different angle the next time I read it again; I always do whenever I do my re-reads. ;)

    Novroz - You're most welcome! :)

    Janet - I'm glad you've some of them in your TBR pile! :)

    Social Frog - That's great! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Goose Girl if you get to it.

    Beth - Go read The Hunger Games now! :P And Out is a must-read IMHO.

    Desert Rose - Thanks!

    Gautami - I'm glad we share the same thoughts! :)

    Nise' - That's great! I hope you'll enjoy The Goose Girl and The Hunger Games as much as I do!

  24. Melody Says:

    Jess - Ooh, I've Austenland in my pile and I can't to dive into it!

    Mary - That's great! :D

    Sandy - I've not read any of the books you mentioned! I'll have to check them out!

    Jackie - I'm glad you managed to mooch Out! I can't wait to hear your thoughts if you get to it!

    Matt - I agree with you about the surprise ending and twist. I've a few books by Margaret Atwood but the one which I most look forward to is The Blind Assassin.

    Ladybug - I want to read Catching Fire now!! LOL. I wish it'd release earlier! ;P

    Nymeth - Oh yes! Another book I most look forward to reading is Fingersmith! I bought the latest book by this author yesterday ~ The Little Stranger and it looks good too!

    Dar - Yes, The Handmaid's Tale is one awesome and yet unforgettable read in my opinion.

    Violet - I hope you'd read The Handmaid's Tale soon!

  25. The Handmaid's Tale is definitely on my list of "must re-read someday" I'd also like to read Hunger Games and Out for the first time! Why can't there be unlimited amounts of time in the day? :)

  26. Alice Says:

    Great choices of books, Melody! I have all the ones you mentioned except the last one, and read only Anne Stuart's. :)

  27. Melody Says:

    Trish - I look forward to reading other books by Margaret Atwood. So far, I've only read The Handmaid's Tale and another title I couldn't remember, yikes!

    Alice - Oh, you should read The Hunger Games! It's so exciting, and I think you might like it too! ;)

  28. The Bookworm Says:

    The Goose Girl sounds good. I have it in my TBR :)
    Great picks.

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