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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about gift certificates…

Do you give gift certificates to book stores as presents? If so, do you give for actual stores or online stores? Do you like to receive them yourself?

Oh, I am sure every book lovers would love to receive gift certificates as gifts! Likewise, I like giving gift certificates as gifts but I rarely do so since most of my friends and family does not read as much as I do. I think there was one occasion in which I bought someone a gift certificate to a bookstore and later he/she (I honestly cannot remember who) told me very nicely that it would be better if I bought any other gift certificate than a bookstore gift certificate in future because he/she hardly reads. Thus, my initial intention of getting that person to read didn't happen. From then onwards, I know it is always better not to give a bookstore gift certificate to a non-reader, no matter how good my intention it is, hehe.

What about you? What are your answers to these questions?

I feel so honoured and loved that the lovely Jo from Ink and Paper has kindly awarded me with these awards:

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  • Beautiful scenery

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Thank you, Jo, for passing on these awards to me!

As always, I want to pass these awards to all my friends who read and comment on my blog. Thank you for everything!

17 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Me too.. would love to receive, but not so much to give. :) Happy Monday.

  2. Bookstore gift cards are the best! :-) I often give non-readers gift cards to the bigger chain bookstores even knowing they don't read. Often these stores carry so much else besides books such as movies and music. Amazon alone carries such a variety of products that everyone can find something there regardless of interests.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    congratulations on your awards Melody.

    Most of the people I know don't read either. I once gave a bookstore gift certificate to a friend of mine. But he ended up using it for CD's (the bookstore has a music section too). I was just glad that he used it :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Even if I didn't read, I wouldn't have told you that. I'm sure there was something in the store they would have liked.

  5. Julia Says:

    I agree that every book lovers would love to get a book gift certificates, we all do *grin*.

    Congrats on these wonderful deserved awards, Melody! :)

  6. Melody Says:

    Bluestocking - I'm glad I'm not the only one, LOL.

    Judy - I think I'd be more selective when it comes to giving book gift certificates to anyone I know, haha.

    Wendy - I think that's a great idea! I'd keep that in mind!

    Violet - Thanks! At least your friend got something he wants, and that's a great thing! ;)

    Vicki - I think I bought the gift certificate meant only for books. After that incident, I keep in mind that I'd get one that offer other stuff besides books! ;P

    Julia - Getting book gift certificates is definitely the best gifts for all book lovers! :D Thanks, Julia!

  7. Ana S. Says:

    Congrats on your awards, Melody!

    I love getting gift certificates. The chance to pick any book I want? What could be better? :D As for giving them, like Wendy said certificates to those big stores that sell books, music, dvds, etc. are always a safe bet.

  8. Beth F Says:

    Congrats on your awards. I'm fortunate to have book-loving family and friends.

  9. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    My uncle buys a B&N gift card every year for my kids, and they love it. I rarely use gift cards though. I do, however, like to buy actual books as gifts!

  10. The Bookworm Says:

    congrats on the awards :) they are well deserved.
    I do love receiving bookstore giftcertificates. But I wont give them to non-readers.

  11. Becca Says:

    Too bad about giving the gift certificate! You had great intentions, though, and I can't say I wouldn't have tried the exact same thing! I tried to get my now ex-fiance to read one time, even gave him something I wrote to read. It was a bust. He couldn't sit still long enough to read it! I should have known right then that he wasn't for me!

    Congrats on all your awards! I just found your blog not long ago, but have enjoyed reading it.

  12. Yikes--too bad about the gift card! There are so many other things to get at a bookstore--movies and music, etc. I wish people would give me gift cards to bookstores--try to drop the hints, but they always say "do you REALLY want more books?" YES!! :D

    Tulips make me happy, too! They're such a beautiful flower.

  13. LOL. I'm a book pusher, too.

    Here's mine:

  14. Melody Says:

    Nymeth - Thanks, Nymeth!

    Anyone who gets me a gift certificate to the bookstore would make my day any day, LOL!

    Beth - Thanks! I wish my family and friends would read as much as I, but then it's the to-each-his-own kind of stuff, isn't it? ;)

    Sandy - I rarely use gift cards too, but that's because no one has been giving me one, LOL.

    Naida - Thanks! After that incident, I won't want to give gift certificates to any non-readers. :P

    Rebecca - Reading is subjective and it's not like all would cultivate this habit after some nudging, hehe.

    Trish - LOL. I got the same reaction whenever I hinted at someone to give me a gift certificate to the bookstore. They wouldn't understand why I'd want to keep so many books. Urgh, they just won't understand!

    Book Resort - I think it'd encourage me more to push a person to reading if s/he shows even a slight interest in reading. Nothing cheers me more than "converting" a non-reader to a reader! ;P

  15. Alice Says:

    Congratulations on all the awards, Melody!

    I agree with you that no matter what, book certificates should not be given to non-booklovers. Well, I've been specifically warned not to. LOL!

  16. Matt Says:

    Even though I love to give book-related gifts, I try to give a book or bookstore gift card only if I know the person is a reader.

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