Teaser Tuesdays

TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:

  • Grab your current read.
  • Let the book fall open to a random page.
  • Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
  • You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
  • Please avoid spoilers!
Here's my teaser for today:

The new hotel owner explained that in the basement she had discovered the belongings of thirty-seven Japanese families who she presumed had been persecuted and taken away. Their belongings had been hidden and never recovered - a time capsule from the war years.

(Pg 6, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford)

Hello, my dear readers! I will be taking a short break from blogging starting today. I am taking leave off of work and will be spending more time with my daughters; and given this opportunity I also hope to catch up on my reading.

I will miss you all! Happy reading! I will be back next week.

21 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awww...we'll miss you Melody. But I'm glad you'll get to spend more time with your daughters and your books.
    Come back soon.

  2. Julia Says:

    I've been waiting for you to do the review for this book. I can't wait until your blog tour for this book to read your thought on it.

    And *sniff* I'm going to miss my very good friend Melody, when she not around *sniff* *whine*..whyyyy do you have to leave me....! *grin*

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing at home and spent great times with your daughters and books! :)

  3. Dot Says:

    Hope you have a nice, relaxing break! Look forward to hearing what you read while you were away!

  4. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    This is one book I MUST read. I can't wait to read your review. But how cool is it to take time off work to spend with your kids? You don't get back their childhood years, so this is something you will be so happy you did. We will miss you, but will be here waiting for you when you get back!

  5. Beth F Says:

    I too have been wanting to read this one. Your teaser is great. Enjoy your time off.

  6. Alice Says:

    Great teaser, Melody! It's a lovely cover too.

    Enjoy your time off and happy reading! I'll miss you. :)

  7. I have been wanting to read this book for so long!

    Have a great break with your daughters!

  8. Keri Says:

    Enjoy your time off and thanks for the teaser you've left behind. :)

    Here is my teaser for the week.

  9. Jane Says:

    I'll miss you Melody! Have a great time with your daughters! These years fly by!

  10. Wanda Says:

    A break that involves more time with your daughters and books sounds good to me -- enjoy!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy your break Melody. We all need them from time to time. I'm so glad I decided to take one.

  12. Ana S. Says:

    Aww, I'll miss you lots, Melody! Have a good break!

  13. Iliana Says:

    I just finished this book :)

    Anyway, have a wonderful blog break Melody and enjoy your time with your little ones. We'll miss you bunches.

  14. I hope you have a wonderful break with your daughters!! It's sometimes nice to step away for a bit (as I've been doing the past few weeks). Enjoy Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet--I think you'll like it.

  15. Darlene Says:

    Have a good break Melody and have fun with your girls.

  16. Debi Says:

    Sounds like a great reason to take a break, Melody! Hope you have a wonderfully fun and relaxing time! You'll be missed!

  17. valentina Says:

    Enjoy your break and your daughters, and happy reading!!!

  18. Jo Says:

    Great teaser! Have a good break!

    Also, you have an award:

  19. Ladytink_534 Says:

    Could you imagine finding a time capsule like that? Enjoy your blogging vacation!

  20. The Bookworm Says:

    Have a nice blogging vacation melody :O)

    great teaser, it sounds like a good book.

  21. Melody Says:

    Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for your comments! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I feel so good to be back! :D

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