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Marcia says:

I love beautiful, and interesting, cover art so every Wednesday I post my 'Cover Attraction' for the week along with a synopsis of the book. Everyone is welcome to stop by and, if they'd like, post a link to their favorite weekly book cover.

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My find this week is The Bird Catcher by Laura Jacobs. This cover looks like a photo frame, isn't it? ISBN-13: 9780312540227
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: June 2009


Laura Jacobs is a writer who knows the New York woman better than anyone else. Margret Snow, a thirty-one year old artist is married to Charles, a university professor. Against the landscape of Central Park, the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue, glittering gallery openings, weekends at their Chesapeake Bay home and the couple’s lifelong hobby—bird watching, Margret’s well-ordered Manhattan life suffers a violent upheaval that pushes her beyond the boundaries of her hobby to make her an overnight art world sensation. Just as she’s taken flight, Margret has fame ripped from her in this novel about a remarkable woman who is as rare and special as the birds that fill the skies above her.

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10 Responses
  1. JessicaLeigh Says:

    Beautiful cover, Melody!

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    that is a nice cover ;O) it does look like a photo frame.

  3. Darlene Says:

    That definitely looks like a photo frame. Good cover!

  4. Melody Says:

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you all like the cover too. :)

  5. Beth F Says:

    Beautiful choice.

  6. That is a nice cover. I've heard great things about the book from others.

  7. Iliana Says:

    Good one! I haven't seen this book before but it sounds interesting.

  8. Julia Says:

    Beautiful birds on the cover! I know I never read this book before :)

  9. Alice Says:

    It sure is, Melody. My hubby would love this because he's a big fan of birds!

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