Hamburg, Germany
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  1. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    You could do a whole book on Germany I think! Gorgeous!

  2. Beth F Says:


  3. Dar Says:

    I just love these pics from Germany. I'll probably never go so it's great for me. Thanks!

  4. Julia Says:

    Love it, it beautiful :)

  5. Darla Says:

    Nice! I don't think I've been to Hamburg--or if I have, it's been years.

  6. Alice Teh Says:

    Another great Germany pic! :D

  7. Nymeth Says:

    Every week you make me want to go to Germany. Not fair :P

  8. Melody Says:

    Hello, my dear blogger friends! I'm glad you ladies enjoy my WW posts! I really appreciate all your comments! :)

  9. Iliana Says:

    I'm counting down the weeks until I'm in Germany :)

    Hamburg is lovely. I've only been there once but would love to go again.

  10. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Oh, that's exciting! I hope you'll share with us your trip after your return. ;)