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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading time…

Do you have a set reading time (before bed, perhaps)? Do you read more at night or during the day? Is there a day of the week, perhaps, that you set aside to catch up on reading?

I don't have any specific rules when it comes to reading. I read whenever I have the time. I tend to read more during the day (I think I spend most of my reading time during the commute). A friend ever asked me why don't I make use of that time to close my eyes and rest my mind (as I notice most of the commuters do anyway), but I told her that it is my best time to catch up on my reading. Why is that so? Besides making full use of my time, another thing is that no one will interrupt my reading. However, that does not mean I don't enjoy reading at home, I do. I have two young children at home so reading with them around can be a little challenging to me, but then I would rather devote my attention to them unless I have some time to myself (i.e. when they are taking a nap or when my husband helps to look after them etc).

Sometimes, I will also read during lunch hours when I don't have any lunch appointments with my co-workers. This is another great moment to catch up on my reading, but the time passes too quickly.

What about you? Do you read more during the day or at night? Do you have any specific reading time?

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  1. I read on the train too! It's perfect. I''m afraid to go to sleep on the train. here is mine

  2. The Bookworm Says:

    I tend to read in the evenings. I get sick if I try to read on any kind of moving vehicle :( I wish I could read while my hubby takes us on long car rides.
    Whenver I try to read during my lunch hour at work, someone always interrupts and I wind up not being able to read.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I've avoided reading during commute because I get dizzy now (compared to when I was in my teens). I try to read during lunch if its a real page turner but I prefer to read during early mornings of weekends. Have a nice day!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I used to read during commute too when I used to take the company bus, but since I started taking my own vehicle I've lost that time. Mostly I read at night, not because I have a rule or anything, because thats the only time I get to read.

    So it's one hour reading time before bed on weekdays. On Weekends I don't have any fixed timings.

    It's amazing how much you manage to read inspite of having a job, being married and having two kids :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I read while commuting as well. However, there are those days when I succumb to the temptation to close my eyes and drift into dreamland for a bit.

  6. Melody Says:

    Bluestocking - I don't know why, but I just can't sleep in trains unless I'm too tired!

    Naida - I don't read in buses or cars. But funnily, I'm able to read in trains. I suppose the movement isn't as great as compared to other vehicles. ;)

    Judy - I do get dizzy when I read in buses or cars too. As I mentioned to Naida, I've no problem with trains though.

    Violet - I'd love to read before going to bed! I used to do that before I've kids! Now I'm just grateful if I've any time for reading at home! ;)

    Cookie Crumbles - I do have those days that I want to rest my mind, but I just couldn't resist holding a book and read! ;)

  7. BooksPlease Says:

    I can read on a train, but not in a bus or car! I used to read at work during my lunch break, now my main reading time is in the mornings.

  8. I too can read while commuting but by train. It sure closes my mind from all that inane talks around me!

    Mondays: Start of another week

  9. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    I carry a book around with me like a kid carries around a favorite blanky. I will open it up anytime I can sit still. I also read in the evenings, and right before bed. Then there are the audios...

  10. Alice Says:

    Hi Melody, I carry a book with me everywhere I go just in case I get some down time to read. I used to read during lunch but now I'm hanging out with colleagues during lunch cuts away that piece of time...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Morning is my most precious reading time. I usually read for two hours before going to work. I'm afraid I cannot focus as much at night!

  12. Darlene Says:

    I don't really have specific times to read although I do like reading even just a little bit before bed. It helps me unwind after the day. Otherwise I always have a book with me so I'll pick it up here and there. Mostly though I read in the evenings when there aren't any distractions and my dog finally settles down and goes to sleep. lol.

  13. Nise' Says:

    Since I am driving to work, I can't read, but I do listen to books on cd!

  14. Shonda Says:

    I like reading during my commute too. Unfortunately, I back to driving, so audio book it is.

  15. Ana S. Says:

    I really varies for me. Depends on the time of the year, day of the week, what's going on in my life at the time, etc.

  16. Iliana Says:

    I remember when I used to commute to work (I had an hour bus ride) and so many people would snooze. Not me, I read :)

    To me it was the perfect time for uninterrupted reading you know.

  17. Melody Says:

    Margaret, Gautami - I too can't read in buses or cars, but I've no problems reading in trains though. Funny, I know!

    Sandy - Me too, Sandy! I had only tried audiobooks once but unfortunately it didn't work for me.

    Alice - I love carrying books wherever I go! Who knows when we might need it, eh? :P

    Matt - I don't have a preference time when it comes to my reading, as long as I can find time! LOL.

    Dar - I used to read before going to bed, but now with my kids, I don't think that's possible! :P

    Nise', Shon - Audiobooks is a great option when one is driving!

    Nymeth - Yep! I'm with you there! ;)

    Iliana - I'm with you, Iliana! :D

  18. Sometimes I long for a nice long commute (when I don't have to drive) so I can spend a little extra time reading. :-) I usually get my reading in right before bed and on the weekends. Sometimes too during my half hour lunch break. It never seems like enough time though.

  19. Melody Says:

    Wendy - I've to rely on public transport since I don't have a car, but then I've no complaints since I enjoy the time reading in the trains (though it's not nice when the trains get too crowded!).

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