ISBN-10: 0007181701
Publisher: HarperVoyager; 50Anniversary Ed edition (August 2, 2004)
192 pp

I bought this after reading the book review written by Rhinoa. I had a hard time finding it; in fact I had a hard time finding Ray Bradbury's books. But of course I didn't give up, until one day I found this at Borders. I like the cover art, because it is so bright and eye-catching, you wouldn't miss seeing it. On the cover, it stated this is the 50th Anniversary Edition. It was first published in 1953, marking this book a classic. I was awed, and the best thing is, there is even a new introduction and afterword that tells us how this story was first created and the author's thought on this story.

To begin with, Fahrenheit 451 is all about books. As a booklover, nothing makes me happier than having a book that talks about books. However, in this story, no one is allowed to possess any book in the house because they are considered as a forbidden item and are accused of a source of all discord and unhappiness.

The protagonist, Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to burn books and he took pride in his job since it has passed down from generations. That is until one day, his next-door neighbour, a girl named Clarisse McClellan shares her thoughts with him about the beauty of books, and how much they will gain through reading and that the world will be different if they are more "open minded". Her remarks had set him thinking but it is Clarisse mysterious disappearance that has changed his mindset and his outlook of life.

There was one scene that I find it memorable, which is when a woman wouldn't want to leave her house when the firemen found out she had hidden some books, so she chose to perish in the fire together with her books. I just couldn't describe how I feel after reading this, except to say this paragraph alone has evoked such powerful emotion. I really admire Mr. Bradbury for his superb writing skills and his creative imagination. I find this book thought provoking and is really worth reading. It is no wonder this book is a classic and remains one of his bestselling books. Now I knew why I had difficulty finding it in the first place.

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  1. Julia Says:

    Interesting review, glad you seem to like the book :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it and some of it has stuck with you. You read the same version I did, I didn't know it had been around for so long before I got this copy. Did you read the mini interview with him at the end? I think it is really interesting he couldn't get the book published at the time it was written due to the political climate and it came out in volume 2 of Playboy.

  3. Alice Says:

    This is an interesting one, Melody. I am putting it into my wishlist for now and will decide to buy later. :)

  4. Ana S. Says:

    Great review! I agree that Bradbury has superb writing skills. I just found a used copy of this book yesterday so I'm going to be reading it in the neat future too!

  5. Debi Says:

    Wonderful review, Melody! Glad to hear you enjoyed this one so much. Annie and I will actually be reading this one for school in the next couple of months.

  6. Melody Says:

    Julia - Thanks. I enjoyed reading this book.

    Rhinoa - Yes, I did. I find it all amazing and fascinating. And I really admire Mr. Bradbury's determination in completing this story at the local library!!

    Alice - Glad that you'll be adding this to your wishlist. I hope you'll like it. :)

    Nymeth - Thank you! :) I can't wait to hear your thoughts after you've read it.

    Debi - Thank you! :D Cool that you'll be reading this with Annie soon... I hope Annie will write a review after reading it. :)

  7. Jane Says:

    Hi Melody!
    Great reveiw! I haven't read this one yet and must some day.

    I saw your tag! It looks like fun and I will get to it today!

  8. Iliana Says:

    I can't believe I've not read this book. I mean this is like the perfect book for a book lover right? One of these days I will get to it. I like the cover of this edition too.

  9. What struck me most about this book when I read it was how it all started simply as a way to protect people and help them feel safe and happy. From there it turned into something really ugly. Great review, Melody!

  10. Ladytink_534 Says:

    This should be a must-read for everyone instead of it being banned :(

  11. Kim L Says:

    I really want to read this book. I started in a long time ago and never did finish it. I think I have it in a pile somewhere.

  12. Stephanie Says:

    I read this book a long, LONG time ago. But I can see I really need to pick it up again.

    Nice review!

  13. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Jaimie. I will read your reply in a while... ;)

    Iliana, this book is a must read! And it's a bonus that the cover art is so nice and eye-catching. :D

    I felt the same thing too, Wendy. :)

    Jen, I'm not sure about everybody, but I think it's strange that someone would consider this book to be banned.

    Kim, I hope you'll get into reading this book again. Hopefully you'll enjoy it the next time. ;)

    Stephanie, this book definitely calls in for a second reading (or more!). :D

  14. Jeane Says:

    I really don't understand why this book was banned. I've read it several times and always enjoyed it. Can someone enlighten me?

  15. Melody Says:

    Me too, Jeane. I think this book is a good one, it makes one think isn't it?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Melody, I'll be reading this next week and just saw your review. I'm glad you liked it. I love books about books too!

  17. Melody Says:

    I hope you'll enjoy reading it, Kristy! I can't wait to read your review! :)

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