You’ve just reached the end of a book . . . what do you do now? Savor and muse over the book? Dive right into the next one? Go take the dog for a walk, the kids to the park, before even thinking about the next book you’re going to read? What?

(Obviously, there can be more than one answer, here–a book with a cliff-hanger is going to engender different reactions than a serene, stand-alone, but you get the idea!)

Usually after I have finished reading a book, I will just dive right into the next book but that doesn't mean I will not muse over the previous book I have read. If it is a horror or thriller story with some terrifying scenes/themes, it is enough to send chills down my spine and haunt me for days (although not as strong as compared to movies), or if it is a thought-provoking ones, it will lead me to ponder but this won't interfer with the book which I'm currently reading.

However, let's say if I have finished a book late at night, then I won't dive right into the next book but I will make sure to choose a new title next so I can start right away the next day.
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  1. BooksPlease Says:

    I don't read horror stories, but sometimes a book does stay in my mind because of its theme and then I usually need something different to read next.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I don't read much horror either but there are definitely bits of books that haunt me for a while. It's great when books keep you thinking for days after you finish them. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have been diving straight into the next book lately too. Sometimes if I have read a string of books in a row I will take a day or two off, but usually I am like bring on the next book...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It depends when I finish a book. I don't start another if I finish reading one after midnight!

    Booking upto ending

  5. trish Says:

    Isn't choosing the next book part of the fun of reading? The anticipation that you may have picked your next favorite book or even just a really great book...ah, there's nothing like it. :)

  6. Darla Says:

    I almost always start another book right away. In fact, it used to be that if I finished a book at night before going to sleep, I'd have to read the first few pages at least of the next book or I couldn't get to sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation has cured me of that one. :)

    Sometimes, though, I'll read a book that's SO incredibly good that I don't want to read anything else for a while. (or ever again--at least that's how it feels at the time) I'll either go do something else, or sometimes I'll just flip back through and re-read favorite parts.

  7. Ana S. Says:

    You are right that starting a new book right away doesn't mean we aren't still thinking about the previous one. It is only rarely that a book leaves such a strong impression on me that I don't feel like reading anything else for some time. One thing I like to do before I start a new one, though, is write down some of my thoughts on the book in the form of topics that I will later expand into a full-lenght post.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I have a book of journal entries by my bed for those times when I don't want to start a new book late at night. It means I have something to read but nothing that is going to take too much thinking about late at night.

  9. Jane Says:

    Great answer Melody! It all depends with me. If a book is really good, I might muse for a bit too. But I also like the process of choosing a new book to read.

  10. Iliana Says:

    I usually go right into the next one too unless it's a book that's just so powerful that I need sometime to think about things... I'm think of The Book Thief and A Fine Balance in particular. Those books were emotionally draining for me. I loved them but they took a lot out of me.

  11. pussreboots Says:

    I like to pick out tomorrow's reading just before bed too. Happy BTT.

  12. Melody Says:

    Bookplease - Yes, I do have those moments especially when a certain book have that effect on me.

    Jennifer - I find thought-provoking themes are the best because they make me think things differently...

    Rhinoa - Although there're times I want to dive right into the next installment of a trilogy, but I tend not to do so because I want to read something else before I dive right into the next installment... maybe I'm weird, hehe.

    Gautami - I don't dive right into the next book after finishing a book late at night either... because that's the time I need some sleep! :P

    Trish - Oh yes! I love the fun of choosing the next book to read, because they're so many for me to choose from and I can't decide! ;)

    Darla - I know what you mean! :) I rarely reread a book unless they're my favourites, but usually I'll read them after a certain time just to have the feel of reading a 'new' book. ;)

    Nymeth - Wow, I'm impressed that you'll jot down your thoughts on the books. I rarely do that because I'm lazy, hehe. It's no wonder it's always a joy to read your reviews because you always explain them so well. :)

    Tabletalk - I don't do much reading before bed nowadays... I'm too tired after a day from work and keep my daughter company but if given a chance, I'd love to do that too. :)

    Jaimie - I love to go through my pile of books and deciding what to read next... there are times that I did decide on one but changed my mind next!!! Mood changes, haha.

    Iliana - I've heard many good reviews about The Book Thief but just haven't got around to reading it... perhaps I should pick it up and read it one day soon!

    Pussreboots - Glad we've the same thoughts! :)

  13. Kim L Says:

    Good answer. Yes some books do stick with us longer than others, there are some books I finish and I want to immediately start a book of a completely different genre to get the other one out of my mind!

  14. I like Jaime's answer, and I love the process of deciding what's next. Sometimes I know what I'll read next from my TBR pile, sometimes I decide or switch it at the last minute.

    But for finishing a book, I usually pace it out so that I finish it by the time I'm ready to go to sleep. It's funny, I would never dive into the next book right away like you. I like to wait a day! Maybe I'm a prude.

  15. Melody Says:

    Kim - I totally agree with you on that. ;)

    Carolyn - I do change my mind at the last minute after deciding on a book to read next... I guess my mood also plays a role in this. ;) Each of us has our reading preferences so you're not a prude at all.

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