ISBN-13: 9780446616850
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub. Date: September 2006

I was first introduced to this book after reading Wendy's wonderful review. I am a big fan of crime suspense, so of course I have to pick this up after reading Wendy's review and ravings from other readers as well.

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour receives an early morning call from her editor to cover the case of a dead Yale University student, Melissa Peabody as her body lies cold down near a high-rise condo. At first speculation, it seems she has committed suicide, but everyone at the crime scene knows there is more than meets the eyes because no suicide victim will die wearing nothing. Her identity later came to light and she used to be a high-priced escort.

Annie soon finds herself drawn to the mystery and is keen to uncover the truth, but having a police detective boyfriend who refuses to reveal much of the information and an attorney mom who sleeps with her publisher. To make things trickier, then there is fellow reporter, Dick Whitfield who seems to be on her trail wherever she goes.

Later she has the chance to meet up with the person behind the escort service agency, and through him she knew Allison Sanders, another escort and a friend of Melissa. Unfortunately, before Annie could fish out more information from her, she is brutally stabbed. And thereafter, Annie is asked by her editor to drop the case and to cover a parade of painted fibergrass cows grazing through the city instead, but much to her surprise was her mom wants her to stop investigating too.

From there, the plot thickens and there were many times that I found it difficult to keep away the book because not only the intrigue is piling high but I was anxious for Annie to solve the mystery too. I find Annie Seymour an extraordinary reporter and I liked her gutsy attitude in every ways. And to top things off, she seems real to me too after I get a glimpse of her inner world when reading some of her down moments.

I really enjoyed reading Sacred Cows, and have already bought the next two installments - Secondhand Smoke and Dead of the Day where we will get to see more of Annie Seymour. Karen E. Olson is one talented author to look out for, and I am glad to have found her books.

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  1. Debi Says:

    Sounds like a good one! And for some reason, I really like the cover. Thanks for another great review, Melody!

  2. Melody, I am so glad you enjoyed this one. I had a feeling you might. ;-) I hope you will enjoy the other two books as well.

  3. Iliana Says:

    I thought it was such a good start for a mystery series too. I need to get with it and get the next book in the series!

  4. Ana S. Says:

    I've been interested in this one ever since I read Wendy's review. Yours only adds to the interest! It sounds like a really good book.

  5. Melody Says:

    Debi - I hope you'll pick this up if you've the chance. It's a good read. And yes, I love the cover too. ;)

    Wendy - Thanks for sharing this book with me. If not of your review, I wouldn't have picked up this book! ;) And I knew I'll enjoy the other two installments as well... I can't wait.

    Iliana - This book is a page-turner! I love everything in this book, and I'm already looking forward to the next book already! ;P

    Nymeth - I hope you'll read it soon, and I'll also be looking forward to your review. :)

  6. Alice Says:

    I have only good things to say about the book; I thank Wendy for introducing it; and lastly, thank you Melody for the wonderful review. :D

  7. Melody Says:

    Exactly my thoughts, Alice. And thank you for reading it. :)

  8. Julia Says:

    sound like you enjoy the book :)

  9. Melody Says:

    I really did, Julia. :)

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