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1. Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos: Most of you are book bloggers, so you may want to post photos of your favorite reading spot, your TBR pile(s), your local book store, your favorite librarian, your child reading, etc. You may want to post several photos of a certain topic (like all nine of your kids reading!) or a mixed bag of photos that are unrelated except that they’re bookish. Or you may want to post just one photo, it’s up to you. If you have a different type of blog, post photos of whatever you think is suitable.
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I know I had posted a few pictures of my bookshelves some time ago... and since there is no new shelves added (I just wish there is more space in our study room!), I am posting the same picture although I have shuffled the books and only to-be-read piles are arranged on the shelves. I really, really love this bookshelf! We chose this colour because it matches with the rest of our furniture. I store all my manga collections at the bottom left of the shelf, and for your information, there is no more space in there for more!!

Below picture is another bookshelf. It is smaller as compared to the one above, but I am not complaining. We bought this shelf when we first moved into the house, and since my TBR pile keeps growing, that explains the above shelf. I have some stacks in our storeroom as well, but I am not going to post that along with the junks! ;-P

This picture was taken several months ago at Borders. My husband took this when I was browsing through the new arrivals nearby. I wasn't sure what my daughter was looking at, but I am glad she has an interest in books! I then took her to the Children's section after I had completed my acquisitions. ;-) It was funny why my husband did not take a picture of her reading the Ladybird's books!

I can't wait to read what other readers have posted for their WG's posts! What fun!

Edited to Add:
Here are a few of my favourite WG's posts:
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24 Responses
  1. Julia Says:

    Love your crowded bookshelves! I probably need more shelves add to my room.

    First time I ever seen your daughter, and it is nice to capture picture of her holding a book...maybe she will become a reader...just like her mom *GRIN*

  2. Melody Says:

    Julia, all my bookshelves are jam packed, as you can see! I'll probably need another room for the books, LOL!

    I'm hoping to read more children's books with her; right now she's into those Ladybird's books and any stories that have princesses in them. :D

  3. Julia Says:

    That cute and it would be wonderful to see mother and daughter reading books together. I think am not familiar with Ladybird's books...unless I see the covers.

    There isn't even anymore room for an extra bookshelves but I still need those bookshelves lol

  4. Alessandra Says:

    Thank you for linking to my post, Melody! I love your full bookshelves, too.

  5. valentina Says:

    great picture of your daughter! she's beautiful!

  6. Maree Says:

    That picture of your daughter is too cute, and I love your bookshelves with the doors. I want!!!!!

  7. Melody Says:

    Julia - I know... we always need more books and more bookshelves to go with it. ;)

    Alessandra - You're welcome. :) I love viewing your pics.

    Valentina - Thank you! This is the first time I posted a pic of her, hehe...

    Maree - Thank you! Trust me, I'm still thinking of a space for an additional new shelf. LOL.

  8. Katherine Says:

    The picture of your daughter is extremely cute! And I love how you have so many books on that one shelf that it looks as though its practically straining under all that weight.

  9. I love the one of your daughter! I'm going to have to link up to you from my post just for that. :)

  10. Ana S. Says:

    Your daughter looks sooo adorable :D And I love your bookshelves. There's nothing like the sight of a full bookshelf! The doors are great too. I should get one of those since I hate to clean the dust :P

  11. Debi Says:

    Oh, that picture of your daughter is soooo sweet! James Patterson, huh...too funny!

    I love your top's gorgeous! But I have say, it looks like the books will just come falling out and bury you when you open the

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I like that you have soe of your books facing forwards so you can see the front cover. Your daughter is lovely too :)

  13. Melody Says:

    Katherine - I'm hoping that will not happen to me or else, it'd be a disaster! LOL.

    Heather - Thank you for linking my post. :)

    Nymeth - One reason I got this bookshelf is because of the doors. I hate to clean the dust too. Yuck! ;P

    Debi - I'm a fan of thrillers, so perhaps she got the genes from me?! LOL. And believe me, those books have indeed fallen on me several times, haha.

    Rhinoa - I couldn't help it because the shelves are so full! I've to make use of every single space, LOL.

  14. Alice Says:

    I love this post, Melody! I always get very excited when I see the bookshelves of others. You made my day! LOL.

    Your daughter looks lovely and she's so engrossed in her book...

  15. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Alice! :D I love seeing other readers' bookshelves too!

    It's funny she was so engrossed in James Patterson's book... and I think that's a good thing considering I'm a thriller fan. ;)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Melody, I love your bookshelves and your daughter is beautiful!

  17. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Kristy! :)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous book cabinet! Is it builtin or stand alone? lovely. Now how many posts do I need to read to find out what a manga collection is? I like your blog colors, too, btw.

  19. Melody Says:

    Bkclubcare - Thanks for visiting! The bookshelf is a stand alone. My husband and I are happy that we found something we like and that the colour matches with our furniture! A manga is a graphic novel. :)

  20. Iliana Says:

    Ah a little bookworm in training :)
    Your bookshelves are so pretty - I love the glass casing.

  21. Jane Says:

    I love your bookshelves! You have a mix of formal and stuffed to the brim kind.
    Your daughter is such a sweetie!

  22. Melody Says:

    Iliana - Yes, I'm hoping she'll turn out to love books as I am! ;P

    Jaimie - Thanks! Now that all my bookshelves are full, I've to stack all my piles in the storeroom. *sigh*

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Cool booksshelves! Oh, and your daughter is too cute looking through that book. So sweet!

  24. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! :)

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