ISBN-13: 9780843952407
Publisher: Leisure Books, 371pp
Pub. Date: September 2003

I have never read anything by Graham Masterton, but I read a review on this book somewhere and was intrigued by the plot, so I decided to read it. Also, this is my pick and the last book I read for the R.I.P II Challenge which will end in October. I cannot believe that I have finally completed the list!

The Doorkeepers
is a creepy read in my opinion. Julia Winward thought she has found a great job, but she never expected it would be the last day of her life when her boss asked her to go with him to meet a client after work one evening. She was brutally mutilated and her body was tossed in the Thames river. The police didn't have a clue about the murder and its motive, but one thing they were sure of was this wasn't the first case they had encountered.

When Josh heard that her sister was murdered, he was determined to find out what had happened to her. So together with his girlfriend, Nancy, they left for London. But instead of finding answers, they came up with more questions. For example, the company where Julia worked and the place where she used to stay didn't exist. Later, they met one of Julia's friend, Ella who also happens to be a psychic. Together with Ella's help and some clues of a nursery rhyme left by an elderly woman they met by chance, they then found a doorway which leads to the other dimension, where Oliver Cromwell was the patron saint and they had to escape from the dreaded hooded men who would take down people who came uninvited to their world. But what most terrifying was this place was also where Julia was first murdered.

This book was a page-turner to me. The story is intriguing and it just gets better especially the part where Josh and Nancy had gone to the other dimension to look for Julia. I find it very creepy about that scene and often wonder if there is such a thing in reality.
4 Responses
  1. Darla Says:

    Oooh, that does sound creepy. I haven't read much horror, but this is the season for it.

    BTW, tag! you're it! :)

  2. Julia Says:

    Great review! Sound like you had good time reading it :)

  3. Thanks for the great review, Melody. I might have to check this one out!

  4. Melody Says:

    Hey Darla! I hope you will pick this up soon... can't wait to hear your thoughts. I will do the meme later. Thanks.

    Hi Julia! Yes, I enjoyed reading it! Creepy yet so intriguing!

    Hi Wendy! Thank you. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did if you do have the chance to pick this up. :)

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