Once again, Darla has tagged me with this meme. Here goes:

A Little About Us

The basic facts:
Who is your significant other? Johnathan
How long have you been together? 10+ years.
Dating/Engaged/Married? Married.
How old is your S.O.? Don't laugh...but what is S.O. anyway? (Edited: I have finally figured out the initials. I can't believe it has stumped me at first! I must be dreaming, haha! Let's put it this way, we are the same age; his bday is in Nov while I'm in Dec, hehe.)
What’s his/her middle name? N.A.

Which one?
Who eats more? He does.
Who says "I love you" first? Him.
Who weighs more? He does.
Who sings better? Him. I don't really like to sing anyway.
Who’s older? Him.
Who’s smarter? Him.
Whose temper is worse? I admit I'm more quick tempered, hehe.
Who does the laundry? Me.
Who does the dishes? Me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. Then again, it depends if we are staying in a hotel or something.
Whose feet are bigger? His, of course.
Whose hair is longer? Mine, definitely.
Who’s better with the computer? Him.
Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn as we are staying in an apartment.
Who pays the bills? Him.
Who cooks dinner? Me.
Who drives when you are together? We don't own a car.
Who pays when you go out to dinner? He does.
Who's the most stubborn? Er... I guess it's me. Hehe.
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Depends on the situations.
Whose parents do you see more? His. Couldn't help it when we are staying so near to one another, hehe.
Who named your dog? We don't have a dog. But his parents have one and his name is Junior. It was his younger brother who named it.
Who kisses who first? You mean during our dates? He initiated them, I just went with the flow. LOL.
Who asked who out? We started hanging out as friends. I was shy then so I wouldn't ask a guy out even though if I was interested, LOL.
Who's more sensitive? Me.
Who's taller? He is.
Who has more friends? I think he has more friends than me, though he hasn't been hanging around with them since most of us have families. But we do get-together on occasions like Chinese New Year or when someone is throwing a birthday party for the child.
Who has more siblings? Him. He has an elder and a younger brother. I only have a younger sister.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? I think it's him more than me, which I wouldn't mind as long as we respect each other's decisions.

I will tag Alice, Kathy and Wendy and anyone who's interested in playing this meme.
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6 Responses
  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh, boy, Melody! I can't believe you tagged me! Oh, boy, it's gonna take me a long time to type all this stuff! Oh, boy.....

  2. Melody Says:

    LOL! You don't have to re-type everything, Kat! What I did is I copy the whole chunk of text and just amend the answers, hehe. I'm looking forward to reading yours soon. ;P

  3. Julia Says:

    Melody - It seem your hubby does more things than you hehehe. Very interesting I learn about both of you *grin*...

    And OY! Another stubborn person hehehe.....yeah I'm one of them :)

  4. Melody Says:

    Muhahaha... yeah, because we are all of the same age! LOL.

  5. Alice Says:

    Thanks for the tag, Melody! Will work on it. Stay tuned! :D

  6. Melody Says:

    Thanks in advance for playing, Alice! I'll be looking forward to it. ;)

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