ISBN: 0007160631
Format: Paperback, 304pp
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Pub. Date: July 2004

This is a fun read. Kavita Daswani has written this story with dry wit and humor that is so entertaining that I laughed out loud at some of the scenes. I have also learnt a lot about Indian culture through this book and will definitely look out for more books written by Indian authors.

Priya (the protagonist of this story) comes from a conversative Indian family, and her parents would like to see her getting married one day. So they were overjoyed when they found Sanjay being the man for their daughter. So Priya and Sanjay got married after they had just met for a week, and Priya moved into his family in America since Sanjay had been living there all his life. She is also advised to talk less and obey his family and everything will be great, but she is bored and not knowing what to do being in another country.

Finally, her mother-in-law allows her to look for a job but it has to be simple and doesn't bring "disrepute" to the family. Priya managed to find a receptionist position at the Hollywood Insider, where they cover stories on all the mega superstars. Then a strange twist of fate led her to become a journalist, but she had to keep it a secret from her in-laws because she knew they will never approve of her job. And she has difficulty sharing the news to Sanjay because being the only son in the family, she knew her husband will listen to his parents. Priya took pride in her job, but towards the end when the secrets were out and Sanjay thought she was insane of thinking they needed a counselling course, Priya decided she had to make a tough decision between her work and family.

This is not an original story, but it mentions issues that some women are dealing with today. Another plus side of this story is the characters are real to me, right down to their dialogues. Although I find the ending a little abrupt and cheesy, but I'm sure this is what some women might have hoped for in their real life.
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  1. Julia Says:

    Look like you really enjoyed the book. Great review :)

  2. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Julia!
    Yes, I enjoyed reading this book. :)

  3. Alice Says:

    Good stuff! :)

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