I know, I know... I am not supposed to participate in more reading challenges but you see, I have good reasons to join Carl's R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge this year because I missed out last year and finally, how could I say no to the lovely buttons he created for this challenge?

What: Read any from these genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Supernatural
When: September 1st through October 31st (but Carl says you could start today!)

There are multiple perils await you so please visit Carl's site to choose any one that suits your reading schedule. I am going with Peril the Second where I would read two books of any length from any subgenre, but I will keep the list open since I have no idea what to read. So many choices!

So what are you waiting for? I know you want to join! ;-)
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  1. Mari Says:

    I am so in! Love this challenge. :) Can't wait to see what you will be reading.

  2. Thanks for not resisting! ;) I'm so glad you are joining in despite being so busy with other challenges. I hope you have fun and I'll do my best to make sure you do.

  3. I am so not going to be talked into joining another challenge :P :)

    well i will just check the blog out :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I so want to join this challenge. But I have a ready TBR for the next couple of months and I'm trying not to read something other than that. I'll look for books that fall in this category. I really hope I find something.

  5. Melody Says:

    Mari - I'm glad you'll be participating! I can't wait to see what you're reading too!

    Carl - I just can't turn this challenge down! I'm sure I'll have loads of fun! Thanks so much for hosting, Carl!

    Veens - Oh, I hope you'll join!!

    Violet - I totally understand! There's an option here where you can read one book and I'm hoping you'll change your mind! ;)

  6. Sandy Nawrot Says:

    NOOOOOOOO! Actually, this is right up my alley, but I just can't. I'm a big mess. I must resist, I must resist!

  7. Marg Says:

    I'm in! I've made a list of possible reads. The only thing now is that I go from blog to blog and think, oh no, that book should have been on my list, and so should that other one! In the end I only put library books on, but I have a ton of books that I own that could have fit the challenge as well.

  8. Ooooh! This is the first I'm hearing about the challenge this year and I want to scream Yippee!! :) I'm all challenged out, but who can resist this one? Can't wait to see what you pick--any ideas?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    So glad you have signed up too. I am really looking forward to your reviews and seeing what you decide to read in the end. The button is lovely indeed.

  10. Ana S. Says:

    Happy reading, Melody!

  11. Iliana Says:

    OMG, it's already time for this? Oh you know I have to join in! :)

    Are you going to give us a preview of your list? Please, please! I haven't dropped by Carl's yet but can't wait to read all about the perils and then of course come up with lists!

  12. Memory Says:

    R.I.P. is such a great challenge that I think it should be exempt from any challenge bans. :) Have fun!

  13. DesLily Says:

    carl's challenge is too fun to resist!

  14. Becky Says:

    I'm so glad you didn't resist! I have a hard time saying no to challenges too :) But Carl's really are musts in my opinion :)

  15. Melody Says:

    Sandy - Please say yes to this challenge!! :P

    Marg - Glad you're joining too! I can't wait to read everyone's list.

    Trish - I've no idea what to read! Plus, my reading mood changes, LOL.

    Rhinoa - I look forward to reading your reviews too!

    Nymeth - Thanks, Nymeth! :)

    Iliana - As I told Trish, I can't decide! I've so many books to choose from!! :P

    Memory - It IS a great challenge!! :)

    Deslily - I agree!!

    Becky - Carl's challenge is hard to resist! I missed out last year so I'm not going to miss it this year. ;)

  16. Alice Says:

    Dilemma, dilemma... to join or not to join?...

    Have fun in the challenge, Melody!

  17. mariel Says:

    Who can resist?! Enjoy!

  18. Care Says:

    ok now. WHAT will you be reading?!?!

  19. Melody Says:

    Alice - Oh, do join!!! :P

    Gautami - Glad you're joining too! :)

    Mariel - I know I can't, LOL.

    Care - I've no idea, Care. There're so many choices, and my reading mood changes like the weather, LOL.

  20. Stephanie Says:

    This is SO my favorite challenge of the year!! I can't wait to see what everyone is reading and read all the great reviews.

  21. Melody Says:

    Stephanie - Me too, Stephanie!!

  22. Unknown Says:

    I'm so pleased to see you are joining this challenge. You always find such great thrillers. I look forward to finding out what you plan to read.

  23. Jennifer Says:

    I am most definitely in!

  24. Melody Says:

    Jackie - Thanks! I can't wait to read your reviews for this challenge!

    Naida - Thanks! I'm sure I will. :)

    Jennifer - I'm glad to hear you're joining too!

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