OK... so I have posted the same thing at my other blog, but well, am wondering if anyone could please tell me where to find Fahrenheit's first album (which was released in September 2006)? Have a difficult time finding it... most of the music stores I visited said they were out of stock. *sigh* I am hoping the record company will reissue the album again... wish me luck!!!
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  1. Alice Says:

    These are some hunks, Mel !! Good luck with your search...

    BTW, Marianne is giving out free book and she is now including her stories from The Wild Rose Press as part of the winning for folks outside US. Would you like to participate? Here's the link...

    Cheers, Alice

  2. Melody Says:

    Hey Alice, thanks! I'm helping to spread the words too! :P

  3. Alice Says:

    YAY!!! :-))))))

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