Booking Through Thursday
  • Okay, there must be something you read that's a guilty pleasure . . . a Harlequin romance stashed under the mattress. A cheesy sci-fi book tucked in the back of the freezer. A celebrity biography, a phoned-in Western . . . something that you'd really rather not be spotted reading. Even just a novel if you're a die-hard non-fiction fan. Come on, confess. We won't hold it against you!
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This week's topic is interesting! I can't wait to read what the others have to say about this, hehe. Let's see... The first thing that came into my mind is: erotic romance. Although I have nothing against this genre, (hey, some DO have great plots too) still I don't wish to be caught reading the book in public especially when the cover features a passionate couple embracing each other with little (or no) clothings...
Now it's your turn to share!
12 Responses
  1. --Deb Says:

    I thought this would be a fun question!

  2. Melody Says:

    It is, Deb. :) Now am waiting to read what others have to say...hehe.

  3. teabird Says:

    This was a fun question!
    (I think the solution to your problem is an ugly, dorky book cover...)

  4. I am also looking forward to what others have to say. You could try investing in a couple of cloth book covers. They not only hide the covers, but also protect the book from bent corners and such.

  5. Melody Says:

    Hi teabird, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, perhaps it is. LOL!

    Hi literary feline, I'll have to look for those! LOL!!! Thanks for the recommendations. :)

  6. Alice Teh Says:

    Hi Mel! Lovely answer. Haha. Teabird is right. A dorky book cover is all you need to 'mask' it. I wish I knew that when I was reading my Barbara Cartland goodies many moons ago. Alas, my mom found out and I to return them all to my neighbour...

    Happy BTT! :D

  7. I'd bet that most folks looking at your stuff wished they were brave enough to show what THEY read!

    Ain't nothing to be ashamed of...

    Mine's up here.

  8. Debi Says:

    Fun! Love the others' ugly, dorky book cover suggestion!

  9. Darla Says:

    Heh. The only thing I hide is my erotica stash. Heck, you've seen my blog--I even post reviews of those. Not much shame here. ;-)

  10. Melody Says:

    Thanks, Marianne! :)

    Debi, I really have to think about getting those book covers as a protection, hehe. I have never thought of that and yeah, why not?! ;P

    Darla, I love reading your reviews, and I'm glad you don't hide them!!!!

    Happy reading all.

  11. Alice Teh Says:

    I must learn to be like these brave souls over here. LOL.

  12. kat Says:

    Agree with you on that erotica! I read them, but wouldn't want to be seen doing so ahehhe.